Easiest ways of earning Money during Quarantine

earning money during quarantine

The whole world is having the setbacks due to covid19, the pandemic. The governments have asked people to stay at home to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus. The self-quarantine comes with a variety of challenges. What should we do having all the time in the world?

Each of us has two choices

I- Waste time watching dozens of TV shows and playing stupid video games. Start the old life when quarantine ends.
II- Learn something, make sure to become a better person when the crisis ends.

I suppose, most of us would want to opt for the second one. In which case, let’s discuss something productive that you can do during your stay at home. I am not totally against having a quality time with the family, spending some time with friends online, watching a TV show on odd days. What I suggest is, spend your office hours in doing something you might have wanted to do all your life.

If you can’t do what you always wanted to do, find something similar or interesting from the list below.

1- Create a YouTube channel:

you know anything to share it with people through a video. For example, you know some beauty tips you can tell people about these tips they can apply at home and became the source of beauty enhancement. If you know about cooking, you can tell people how to cook. You can share your recipes with people through your videos. If you are an expert in any subject or tool you can teach people through your video. You can make a YouTube channel for students who are interested in learning something. It can be related to any subject and field. All you need to do is you should know about your expertise and then share it with others. More people reach your channel more chances you will get to earn money.

2- Create a Blog:

you know about blogging then that’s the time to create a blog of the niche you are interested in. After creating blog signup for Google AdSense and create more traffic to earn money. If you don’t have any prior knowledge about blogging but you want to start blogging. Then there is not an issue, start learning about blogging today. There are a lot of things on the internet that will be helpful in your learning. You can also learn through YouTube. So just take a step, create a Blog and start earning.

3- Become an Online Writer:

you have writing skills then there is a time to utilize them. Start writing online for other websites, make some online clients and provide your writing services online. Many websites allow writers to write for their websites and blogs. Just start writing and earn.

4- Become an eBook Seller:

you are an expert on any topic than what are you waiting for? Start writing a book and bring it to the Amazon store. People are definitely in search of informative eBooks. You can also share your eBook through social links and blogs. So just start writing and be a part of an online books store. You can also make a hard copy of this eBook later on and sell it to your nearby book stores. So just start writing a book and sell online to earn money.

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5- Become Domain Seller:

Started to register domains and then selling these domains. Make sure to buy top-rated and useful domains that will bring more revenue by selling them. You can sell these domains through social links and blog links. Get registered with top-level domains and get more increase in your earning.

6- Become an Online Translator:

languages you know, more chances you get to became an Online Translator. If you know any language you can use this to earn money. There are a lot of people who can’t understand other languages, they need a translator to proceed with their work. Or if you know any language you can also write it. Just translate documents people want to translate in their language and get paid by them.

7- Start Designing Logos:

you have good designing skills then utilize it in logo designing. Start creating brand logos and sell them online through social links and other online platforms. Companies are nowadays looking for new talents on the internet as designing is making a great market online. So just start creating logos and share them with others to get their remarks. New Businesses need logos so just give them a variety of designs and colors. Grab people’s attraction and make money by just designing a simple logo.

you don’t know how to design a logo, let’s get started with logo design learning courses. Many YouTube channels provide complete courses on logo designing.

8- Create themes and Templates:

you know about designing then make a step. Start creating beautiful themes for WordPress and make them sell. Or design graphics template and make them for sale. Utilize your time by making beautiful themes and templates, then make them ready for sell on the Online platforms. So just design and earn.

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9- Create a website:

you do not know to code then there is no issue nowadays. You can create a website by just making some simple steps on online platforms like WordPress and Wix etc. Create a website for your online clients and earn money. Just ask them for their requirements and business, then create a beautiful website for them according to their demand and earn money.

10- Become a Music Teacher:

you know about music, you can teach music to others through online courses and earn money. You can create a YouTube channel or a blog or a Facebook page to grab the audience or students who are interested to learn music. So just start making more musicians and earn money.

11- Become an Online Consultant:

you can give useful advice to others then just start to become an online consultant. Be an expert in one field and start advising others to get paid. People who are running a business or working in a specific field need expert advice, you will get a chance to became an online consultant.

12- Became a Voiceover Artist:

you have a good voice and you have a talent to speak then use your voice as voiceover artists do. Use a mic and record your voice. Speak on some informative and interesting topics then share your voiceover on the Online platforms, relevant people will consult you there. Get hired and get paid.

13- Start Data Entry jobs:

are many companies that provide data entry jobs online. Apply for them and get a chance to earn money on simple data entry tasks. Productively use your pc or laptop and get paid.

14- Became a video editor:

you know about video editing software, so just start editing videos now. There are a lot of companies who use to show their services by videos as peoples get more attracted to videos than static images or text. So, what you need to do is just start editing videos and then share it with peoples of the relevant field. More audience gets attracted, more chances you will get to earn money.

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15- Became an Online Digital Marketing Expert:

marketing is the most popular nowadays. Companies are looking for experts to manage their digital marketing tasks. You have a chance to provide digital marketing services online to the companies. Just have a look on the Internet and learn basic principles of digital marketing and get started. The more you grab the audience on social media, the more chances you will get to earn.

16- Became a Sketch Artist:

you have good sketching skills, you have a chance to show your sketching skills to people. You can sketch something creative in your mind and show them to others through social media. There are a lot of people crazy for their sketch, so just start sketching and get paid.

17- Became a Photo Editor:

if you know about photo editing software, like photoshop. you can start earning by editing photos online. Just start working by editing some random pictures on the internet and then share them on social media platforms. Relevant people will contact you and you will get a chance of getting highly paid by companies who hire online photo editors.

18- Became a freelancer:

you don’t want to make a YouTube channel and don’t want to create a blog or something else. You can just become a freelancer on some specific platforms on the internet that are created for freelancer’s communities. Where you can earn money by providing your services online. There are many platforms like Fiverr, Guru, freelancers.com and many more where you just have to create gigs or list of services you can provide and start working. Many people worldwide earn money online by using these secure platforms.

So that’s the time to implement these ways of earning at home. If you are depressed during this quarantine or you are bored with your daily routine, let’s start something new and creative. These ways are not difficult at all. Give some time to yourself learning and then earning.

You are talented, it’s the time to groom your talent and them show them to others. Utilize every second in some productive way. Many online jobs are waiting for you. I discussed just a few of them, you can find many more. So, let’s get started and work from home.