Richest City in Pakistan: This will blow your mind away

richest city in pakistan

I was going through a report from the World Bank when it caught my attention that multiple organizations rank cities around the world based on multiple factors. The immediate question that caught my mind was that which one would be the richest city in Pakistan? So I dug in deep and realized that we need to scale each city based on some common facts and figures derived by neutral organizations.

So, I can up with the following elements that would decide the richest city in Pakistan.

  • GDP Per Capita Income (Nominal)
  • Human Development Index (HDI)
  • General Amenities for its Residents

Lot’s of people had an opinion that since Karachi generates most of the revenue (being the financial capital) for Pakistan, it should be ranked as the richest city in it. However, we must not forget that we are looking at a variety of factors that includes revenues as well as the well being of its residents in general.

Here are my findings

1- Islamabad- The richest city in Pakistan:

Islamabad does not lie close to Karachi and Lahore if we talk about the GDP, however, it is pretty much ahead in the human development index and general amenities. Ig I come up with a few reasons to rank Islamabad as the richest city in Pakistan, they would include but not limited to the living standards, job opportunities, ease of doing business, education and health care facilities, industrial zones, mega development projects and tourist spots.

There are very few things that we could compare with other cities as Islamabad is like the apple of an eye for the state, not only because it is the capital city, but also because it has all it needs to be the best.

Human development index: 0.81

2- Karachi:

I think most of us know that Karachi is the financial capital of Pakistan. There is no doubt that it is the second richest city in Pakistan considering a lot of things.

Karachi has a GDP of $212 billion and HDI of 0.69. The city is rich in industrial and manufacturing zones, the port aids to the revenue generation and employment opportunities. Living standard and health care facilities are not equally available to all citizens but if we compare it with the rest of the cities, they are still way ahead.

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3- Lahore:

Lahore has a GDP of $127 billion and is a historically well-preserved capital city of Punjab. The provincial government has spent most of Punjab’s budget in Lahore and thus the mega projects can be seen more than in any other city in Pakistan.

The living standard and health care facilities are pretty much better than many. Law and order situation also aids to it being the third richest city in Pakistan.

Human Development Index: 0.71

4- Faislabad – The fourth richest city in Pakistan:

Faislabad is the textile hub of Pakistan. It has a GDB of $64 billion. Considering the fact that it has Asia’s largest agriculture university, some pretty good government, and private hospitals, it is, by all means, Pakistan’s 4th richest city.

Human Development Index: 0.61

5- Abbottabad:

Abbottabad is a small city that is famous for its lush green hilly sights and cold weather. The city is a home for tourists and generates most of its revenue from the same industry.

If you are wondering why Abottabad is one of the richest cities in Pakistan, visit the place and ask for real estate prices. You will be astonished. It has a pretty good human development index which accounts for the fact that residents of the city are well taken care of.

Human Development Index: 0.70

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6- Rawalpindi:

Rawalpindi has its worth besides being the twin city with Islamabad. It is the home to GHQ, a pretty famous cricket stadium, and a huge scrape market for car parts.

Human Development Index: 0.66

7- Sialkot:

If you have ever been into the sports industry, you will know that Sialkot is Pakistan’s largest exporter of sports accessories. The city has also achieved the honor of making FIFA world cup football and the pink ball for test cricket. Education and health care facilities need improvement. Law and order situation is good enough considering the overall state of the affairs of the country.

Human Development Index: 0.62

8- Nankana Sahib

A small city and with a human development index of 0.60 is going to blow your mind when two capital cities of the provinces could not compete with it. It is the 8th richest city in Pakistan.

9- Mansehra:

Mansehra is a small city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It has a human development index of 0.60 which is better than the capital city of the province, Peshawar.

10- Jehlum:

Last, but not least. Jehlum is the 10th richest city in Pakistan having a human development index of 0.59.

I have done some fair bit of research to come up with the richest cities in Pakistan. I would love to hear from you guys, if you think your city has something that these does not, do mention in the comment box below.

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