Best Online Business in Pakistan – To Do List

best online business ideas in pakistan

The best online business in Pakistan would cover many if not all the aspects of our society. It would make sure that the online business model does not affect the owners directly or indirectly. For example, we have seen how Pakistani AWAM can place fake orders or can be very tricky if they do not like what they ordered.

Though we have also seen the online business owners committing all sorts of frauds, but this article is indeed for the investors who are looking to establish a viable business online. I will cover many online business ideas in Pakistan so you can choose according to your budget and expertise.

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First of all, let’s get you a list of all the online businesses you can start in Pakistan.

  • Sell your own products
  • Sell something that you import or buy from major markets in the capital cities
  • Become a facilitator of ecommerce
  • Provide services online
  • Educate people or Entertain them online

Now, let’s get to the main online businesses that are profitable

1- Ecommerce Business: Online shop to sell your own products or imported stuff.

This is something you all probably know about. I am mentioning a list of all the products that you can sell online.

# Beauty, Sports, Garments, Electronics, Food, Technology or Domestic products

# Large scale products like medical equipment, energy sector, transport sector, Security sector

Now look at the flow chart below, I will tell you why I said so.

best online business in Pakistan


You see there will be a huge difference if you’re selling your own products or if you are importing from somewhere else.

One big difference is if the product is your own, you will be the brand and thus you need to have a website. You need to invest in your own website for a sustainable business.

If you are importing products from let’s say China, or are buying from local markets like Raja Bazar in Rawalpindi then you will have less control over refunds, return policy and thus you will be stuck if the products don’t sell as fast as you expected.

Most people having to import from China have already invested a lot and thus creating a website and then investing on the marketing will be another huge investment.

What to do?

i- You can create your own website and then hire an SEO expert to work on the keywords. Invest in social media ads such as on Facebook and Instagram.

ii- Create an account on multivendor sites like daraz and yayvo. This will be easier as these sites have their own marketing campaigns to help you get sales. Though, social media ads will again be a plus.

Ecommerce is still new in Pakistan. I say, after Ali Baba’s investment, this will keep growing in the next few years. This is the best time to invest in ecommerce industry. I say this is one of the best online businesses in Pakistan right now.

2- Provide Services Online

This is something that we need to understand. We have seen that most businesses work offline and these business owners show hindrance when they are asked to start serving online as well.

The coronavirus situation has shown us that many offline businesses can be managed online as well. Even the schools, universities and academies are continuing their processes online as the lockdown continues.

Let me write the list of services that you can provide online

# Provide IT services that include web and mobile app designs, digital marketing and more

# Become an office assistant

# Provide technical, medical or career consultation

A friend of mine once mentioned that he and his team were working on a network configuration device in Dubai. There was a point when they thought that they would not be able to configure the device and were very frustrated. They called people and finally received help from another professional in Pakistan who had experience with that particular device.

You will see a lot of people looking for help online when you start offering your services. All you need to know is that your expertise needs to be special or you need to be excellent at what you do.

We have seen hundreds of thousands of freelancers begging for work and then there are these freelancers who are pretty much always occupied. This is what a difference in skills can make.

Umer Atiq
IT Consultant and business analyst. Keeps an interest in the affair that impact business or society.