LUMS Graduate with 15 Years of Experience, Sells Biryani in Islamabad

lums graduate sells biryani

I have always been an advocate of hard work, particularly in the business sector. I have always advised my readers to start a business, however small scale it is, it will become an asset one day for sure. This guy, Umar Kamal who is a graduate from LUMS and has 15 years of professional experience in the development sector, now sells Biryani in Blue area Islamabad. Want to have a look at how he sells it?


The sole purpose of this post is to let people know that there is no shame, I repeat, no shame whatsoever in making a living for yourself and for your family. Look at how this man praises his wife and is thankful for how she helps him run this business.

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Most of us back off of a business idea because we feel that we are too educated for it. Trust me, when Shahrukh khan said “Koi dhanda chota ya barah nahin hota“, he meant it. A business grows only when the person running it has the belief and the spark required to take things forward.

Couldn’t stop myself from sharing this latest interview of Umar Kamal

Now, we know that Umar Kamal started this business at as low as 5000 rupees. He now owns an outlet in one of the most expensive cities in Pakistan. If this is not motivational for you, I don’t know what it is.

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