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Pakistan ready to export rice to china

Pakistan produces roughly more than 7 million tons of rice a year. Consumption within the country was only 2.5 million tons, thus, Pakistan is ready to export 3.75 million tons of rice to China. SM Naveed, President of Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) revealed yesterday.

China has emerged as a lucrative rice market for Pakistan, seeing a 244% increase in paddy shipments over the past year. This makes China another market for Pakistani rice exporters. SM Naveed claimed that these exports will be doubled within a year with the help of PCJCCI and that it will see further growth in the years to come.

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PCJCCI Senior Vice President Daud Ahmed was also there in the meeting and he revealed that Pakistan is adopting new technology and techniques which will enable more varieties of rice with minimum input costs. A cheaper production with increased exports will definitely bring good returns to the country.

“The Rice Research Institute has developed new techniques to cultivate rice through the ‘broadcasting system’ instead of manual sapling plantation,” Daud Ahmed revealed. Under the technique, if farmers succeeded in cultivating 80,000 plants in a field, they would get more production besides saving input costs up to Rs14,000 per acre.

“This technique is not only cheaper but also helps to save 30-35% of irrigation water,” Ahmed stressed.

Opportunities for the Exporters

This marks new ventures for rice exporters in Pakistan. I suggest that it is a good time for investors and exporters to explore this new venture. China is an ally of Pakistan and having a good business relationship with the Chinese community can give you a boost of your lifetime.

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