Power Generation Hits all-time High – InvestinPak

Power Generation Hits all-time High - InvestinPak

The spree of good news continues. This time, power generation hits an all-time high in Pakistan. 24,467 megawatts of electricity were produced in a single day on the 13th of August 2021, partly by utilizing the surplus generation capacity. This is one of the records of this month considering the record-making spree in the broader economy of the country.

Three major sectors ie industries, agriculture and services were among the highest consumers of electricity. Residentials consumers have also been seen to upgrade their consumption by upgrading to electrical and electronic goods including but not limited to split ACs and related home appliances.

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“Record highest power was generated and transmitted yesterday (Wednesday, August 11) at 24,467 MWs,” Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar said on his official Twitter handle on Thursday. This was his second tweet in about a month to report all-time high power generation and transmission.

Power consumption amounts to multiple positive inputs. This reveals that large-scale manufacturing and IMEs are growing. Governments’ policies have been industry-friendly over the past couple of years and we are seeing positive results as time progresses.

‘The country has continued to report higher production in the past two to three months on a month-on-month basis. Pakistan’s power generation touched a new peak in full fiscal year 2021, as it rose 7% to 130,223 GWh in the year compared to 121,867 GWh in FY20.

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The latest initiative of Tarbela Dam power generation capacity will add the much-needed cheaper electricity to the grid. As much as the government can produce using free-flowing water, the end consumers will see a reduction in per-unit prices of the electricity. The current surge in the prices is due to IPOs that use petrol as a source of power generation making the per-unit cost way higher than expected.


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