Ramiz Raja Announced Pakistan’s New Coaches for T20 World Cup

Pakistan’s New Coaches

We are aware of the development making Ramiz Raja the new chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB). He announced that former Australian opener, Matthew Hayden and former South African bowler, Vernon Philander will be Pakistan’s new coaches for the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Ramiz Raja added that Hayden will prove to be the perfect coach for the young and talented Pakistani side as he will instill aggression in the team. He said that Hayden was a world-class batsman and his aura will be a huge boost for the players in the dressing room.

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Former opener added that Vernon Philander was an excellent seam bowler and that his knowledge of the game is unparalleled. He said that his appointment will be positive for the national team.

The 59-year old said that PCB’s aim is to help the Pakistan side win the T20 World Cup. These two coaches will bring the winning mentality to the side. He said that the team has all the ability in the world to win the T20 World Cup, and all they need is a 10 percent improvement.

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Bank Alfalah offered to pay the salaries of these foreign coaches. Ramiz Raja thanked the bank while talking to the press. He said that this was made possible by PCB’s strategic partnership with Bank Alfalah.

What do we think?

For starters, we all know that Ramiz has a cricketing mind. He has been to all the counties and have spent time with all legendary players. This makes him a very good choice for the chairmanship. Since we have put our hopes and believes in Ramiz for the post, we shall also allow him to make his decisions independently.

I am aware that a lot of Pakistanis would be talking about having former legendary players of Pakistan as coaches. However, we also have to face the fact that none of those former players have been to any institute where coaching is taught as a profession. They may be better cricketers but coaching is all about building character. In order to be good at it, personal grooming and professional trainings are absolutely required.

I support Ramiz, do you?

Umer Atiq
IT Consultant and business analyst. Keeps an interest in the affair that impact business or society.