Pakistan Army Recruits TikTok Long Jumper Asif Magsi

asif magsi tiktoker long jumper

We know TikTok is an app where most people use music or voiceover to act upon and upload their videos. Some of the guys and girls are also using it to showcase their particular set of skills. TikTok long jumper asif magsi is one of them.

This guy started off by uploading videos of his long jumps and adding national songs in the background as supportive music. This became the very reason of his fame on the app and people started supporting him for his athleticism.

There are people we know who stop working on stuff after wondering around the bushes for a while. Asif Magsi had other plans. He kept going and kept improving for over a year until someone in the Pakistan Army noticed him. It is only a few days ago that Pak Army recruited the long jumper and is now a part of Army’s athletes. He will be trained and taken care of by the army.

He might represent Pakistan one day, who knows. The guy is an actual hero and has displayed excellent skills of long jumping.

Have a look at one of his videos below

This guy Kalim Khan wanted him to be prepared for the Olympics. Pakistan Army complied. They picked him up and announced that Asif Magsi will now train under their athletes and will be representing the country in the Olympics one day.

Here is one from the past. This is when Asif Magsi was still preparing for the final jump where he stunned the world with his performance. You can see people have been supporting him ever since.

Asif Magsi is from a mediocre family in Thatha, he is about 22 years old and has more than 1 million followers on TikTok.

This is one of the examples that show us how to win over everyone if you are committed. There will be hundreds of hurdles and thousands of people creating mental blockages around you. All you have to do is ignore the negativity and to pursue your dreams as Asif Magsi did.

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