VavaCars launched to change the way used cars are sold in Pakistan

It is not easy for everyone to buy a brand new lavishing car for their daily use. Not everyone can afford it at all. That’s the reason that marked for used cars are in high profit now a day. But another question arouses on this aspect that is it secure to buy a used car?

We have seen many cases of purchasing a Used Cars that latter on only cause a loss of money and time. It is also because the market for Used cars purchase and sell is not authentic or secure. 

VavaCars bring the Used Cars Market to a new level. It makes the selling and purchasing of Used Cars with ease, simplicity, and securely. It is easy for both the sellers and purchasers to make a secure deal on an authentic platform. VavaCars make sure all the dealing with transparency. 

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Process of VavaCars dealing:

You can purchase the Used cars through VavaCars platform easily. The process for the selling of used cars is quite easy, just follow some simple steps.

  • Go to the website of VavaCars and enter the car details.
  • You will receive an instant, free valuation with an invitation to the book an appointment at VavaCars purchase center.
  • The deal will be conducted in 2 business days.
  • Once the deal is finalized the payment will be conducted within two business days. 


There are no hidden charges or fees. There is a direct dealing of car owners with VavaCars, rather than the old unstructured system of Used car market. VavaCars is all set for customer facilitation and conform. All the dealing is on safe hands. 

On the start, VavaCars is only operational in Karachi. There are some purchasing centers in Karachi, where you have secure Used Cars dealing with complete transparency. 

VavaCars is here to make an advanced market for Used Cars selling. It’s a mixture of Digital and on-location selling.