Dexamethasone Drug Disappears from Markets

After the latest research in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, Steroid Drug Dexamethasone is declared effective. A clear statement from researchers of UK and positive feedback of WHO approved the use of Dexamethasone as a life-saving drug for severely ill COVID-19 patients. 

But soon after the statement from Pakistan health ministry declaring Dexamethasone effective in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, the Drug seems to be disappeared in the market. It is highly noticed that the Dexamethasone Drug which was easily available in the market is now short in the market. 

The shortage of life-saving drug Dexamethasone in the market should have to be noticed seriously. As the research on Dexamethasone declares an increase in the survival rate of severely ill COVID-19 patients. 

In Pakistan, a huge increase in rates of Dexamethasone Drug in markets is also noticed. Although the Dexamethasone Drug was easily available in markets on cheap rates before the latest research. 

It seems that profiteers have taken advantage of the situation.


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The Government has taken notice of Dexamethasone Drug Shortage. It is restricted to take the Drug on Doctor prescription only. It is also stated by the Government that serious action should be taken against the pharmacies and stores whore are responsible for the shortage of drugs. 

As it is already cleared that only severely ill COVID-19 patients who are on a ventilator and oxygen can take the Dexamethasone Drug. It is not for moderate ill Coronavirus patients.

The Government of Pakistan also stated that the record should be kept on area level for the supply of Dexamethasone drugs through pharmacies and stores. 

We are in a situation where the lives of the whole nation are in danger. The death toll is increasing day by day. We should stop doing inhuman acts.