UK Immigration Policy for Pakistan 2022 – Don’t be Fooled

UK immigration policy 2022

A few days ago, the mainstream media started spreading the news that UK has announced a new immigration policy for Pakistan. The news said that this will help Pakistani students find jobs in the UK. The news made it to the media after British Permanent Home Secretary Matthew Rycroft visited Pakistan last week.

Social media all over the country went berserk and started spreading various versions of the story. Investinpak believes in verified and authentic news and thus I waited till things get clearer. Also, the team did some research and found no such evidence, except for one. The latest immigration policy by the British government was actually put out their official website about 4 months from now. Pakistani media only published the same after Mattew Rycoft’s visit.

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This lead us to go through the policy pages and see what we can find there about the Pakistani immigrants to the UK. Here are the major points that we would like to share with those opting to go to the UK as a student or as a professional.

1- Repatriation agreement is the latest thing signed between the two governments. This means, immigrants from Pakistan will be able to reenter the UK and vice versa. This is the only latest development, rest of the policy changes were announced a few months ago.

2- All immigrants (from Pakistan or any other country for that matter) who graduate from an institution in the UK will be allowed to be in the UK for 2 years, this additional stay will be if the student manages to get a job.

3- If the student gets a PhD degree, he/she will be allowed to stay for three years as a professional.

4- The points based system remains the same, nothing changed there.

It was actually the point one that was molded and presented by the media houses all across Pakistan. I hope this information helped you.

Umer Atiq
IT Consultant and business analyst. Keeps an interest in the affair that impact business or society.