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Tourism in Pakistan – The World Appreciates

Tourism in Pakistan is potentially becoming a rewarding industry. The time has gone when foreigners hesitated to visit Pakistan and considered it a war-torn and ultraconservative country. The impressive improvement aka development in the tourism industry in Pakistan alongside a focus on security measures has been noticed worldwide.

Pakistan has been ranked no 1 as an international holiday destination and has become a hot spot for travelers.
The country is among the most fascinating and attention-grabbing tour destinations in the world.

Its diverse and well-preserved culture, heavenly views of northern areas, natural and remarkable landscapes, gemstone mines, fairy meadows and the soul of the people make you want to stay there forever.

An American business magazine Forbes ranked Pakistan as one of the coolest countries to visit.
In the year 2018, the British backpacker society ranked Pakistan as the world’s top adventure travel destination.
Famous international travel bloggers and vloggers have recently been endorsing tourism in Pakistan through social media. Showing the true nature of this beautiful little piece of heaven.

The matchless, lush green meadows, frozen lakes breathtaking hilly views and the exotic places of Pakistan make you fall in love with the natural beauty. The north-west region of Pakistan is the hotspot for adventurers and explorers.

Foreign vloggers and travelers about Tourism in Pakistan

The foreign vloggers and travelers shared their views about Pakistan and suggested others to visit Pakistan at least once in a lifetime. Its diverse culture, mesmerizing beauty, unique hospitality, astounding and spectacular locations will make you fall in love with this country.

Let’s check what some of the famous vloggers think about Pakistan and how they see Pakistan.

Rosie Gabrielle

She is a solo female traveler and vlogger who belongs to Canada. Rosie explored Pakistan all the way on a motorbike. She expressed, “so many people told me that it will be dangerous to travel Pakistan as a single female that too on a motorcycle but I experienced a whole new world love, kindness, countless smiles, shocked faces and cheers of joy when I pass people and they realize it’s a female rider”.

rosie gabrielle in pakistan
Rosie Gabrielle in Pakistan

She has only received love and care from people. Rosie Gabrielle has emerged as an ambassador of tourism in Pakistan.

She added: “It’s humbling and I’m proud that I met the most generous and welcoming people of Pakistan. She visited the northern areas on a motorcycle and she was speechless about the enchanting beauty of the country and generosity of the most welcoming people of Pakistan”.

The trip to Pakistan totally changed the perspective of life for her. She shared that I truly connect to humanity, this was the journey to the depth of my soul, I find my God, My hope, My home.

Eva Zu Beck – a True Advocate of Tourism in Pakistan

Eva Zu Beck was in Pakistan not for a week or two, she extends her stay to 10 months (to be exact) to explore the country.

It is important to mention that she travels through the country all alone. She shared that Pakistan’s nature is blessed with mountains, beaches, islands in Baluchistan that can make Pakistan the world’s next top beach destination. Pakistan has an incredible Islamic heritage, culture, and art.

eva zu beck in pakistan

Sufi trails of Sindh can be an attraction to any tourist with history and culture. Pakistan is the best place and home to so many Sikhs, Hindus, and Buddhists. There is so much history here this is the country that is home to civilization the Indus civilization. Pakistan’s food culture is immense and incredible and rich, diverse in flavors.

She said in an interview that “I could have never predicted, however, that I would spend over 10 months traveling across Pakistan full-time, making films and vlogs about the country, working with local creatives and helping people consider it as a very real travel destination.”

The way she speaks about Pakistan, I think she deserves a medal and honorary citizenship. Jokes apart, how she sees Pakistan is incredible and she is the real promoter of tourism in Pakistan.

Jordan Taylor

This famous American vlogger visited Pakistan in April 2019 to attended the Vlog summit 2019 held in the capital city. She explored the hidden beauties of Pakistan. Jordan Taylor witnessed the natural and mesmerizing views of northern areas, cultural heritage and religious sites.

Jordan Taylor in pakistan
Jordan Taylor in Pakistan

She preferred a road trip from Karachi to Islamabad to closely see and observe the culture. Thus explored the delightful and solitary sights of Pakistan. This lead to a fairly profound backing of tourism in Pakistan. After meeting people from different social order, she said “I have so much more to say about Pakistan, about amazing people, about the delicious food and the never-ending supply of tea, about the feeling of being an explorer in the ruins of deeply ancient kingdoms” Pakistan is the most beautiful country enriched with culture and immense beauty.

Pakistan is the only country where you can meet the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush Mountains, lush greenery, landscapes, waterfalls, and obviously the Karakoram mountains at once.

The extreme north region of the country is perfectly safe and is one of the favorites among foreigners.
There are numerous Tourist Spots but I picked some of the most visited places in the north.

The sites that have been a backbone of tourism in Pakistan


The valley of Hunza is situated on the riverbank and surrounded by icy peaks and glaciers and is a territory of Gilgit-Baltistan. It takes 2-3 hours to reach there from Gilgit by road. Hunza is famous for lush greenery and breathtaking views which make you fall in love with nature. It’s a peaceful and comfortable place to stay. The second highest peak of the world K2 is located near Hunza. The Hindu Kush mountains increase the beauty of this region.

In nearby 90km distance from Hunza, Naltar valley is situated which is a real treat to eyes with largest ski slopes, high altitude lakes, lush green meadows, and a Snow Leopard Sanctuary.

Neelam Valley

One of the most beautiful and bow-shaped Neelum Valley is situated just north of the capital of Azad Kashmir, Muzaffarabad. The paradise is pack in between 13,000-foot peaks and covered by lush green forest and streams. The small hilltop of “Arang Kel” is known as the pearl of Neelum Valley.

The valley is known as Blue gem valley because of the Ice-cold milky water in the streams, greenery with wildflowers offer such a view in summers that, one will be amused for the rest of his life.

The roads turn rough when you enter the hilly areas of Neelam so you need to travel on a jeep to reach the destination. Villages are located at the feet of the Himalayas, the houses are built on the steep mountain slopes. People of Azad Kashmir are so welcoming and humble.

Though Kashmir is Paradise without any doubt the Neelam Valley’s beauty is a sight worth all the trouble.


People visit and plan their vacation for Switzerland. Pakistan is blessed with mini Switzerland called Swat. The city is located in the KPK and is a district of the Malakand Division. Almost a 5 hours’ drive from the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad.

This part was once seized by the Taliban in 2007 and Pakistan military retook the area in 2009, however, the security has now been improved. As a result, the valley has become more peaceful and secure than other parts of the country.

The rejuvenation of Swat has played a vital role in promoting tourism in Pakistan.

The raw majestic nature, snowcapped mountains, dense deep forests, sounds of rivers and waterfalls, richly green meadows and panoramic views are so captivating for the tourist.

Above all here you will find many beautiful and mesmerizing locations like Marghuzar valley, Kumrat valley Kallam, Bahrain, and others. These locations capture millions of tourist including a large number of foreigners to their lap every year.


From Kashmir to northern areas Pakistan is totally safe for everyone. The current government of PTI has been working hard to promote tourism in Pakistan. The current visa policy enhancement for 50 countries is the best change Pakistan tour industry has seen for decades.

More foreigners visiting Pakistan will mean more revenue generation. It promotes the positive, soft, and progressive image of our country around the world.

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