Top Visa Free Countries for Pakistan in 2021

Top Visa Free Countries for Pakistan

If you are a Pakistani, you would know the trouble we have to go through for VISAS. Yeah, it gets messy. What if I tell you there are dozens of countries where you can go without a prior visa? Ummm! I am serious. Gear up, gather your stuff and get ready to travel. These are the top visa free countries for Pakistan in 2021.

There is a difference between visa free countries and visa upon arrival countries. The list of these visa free countries for Pakistan actually contains both of them. Just to let you know, visa upon arrival is as easy as a bus ticket.

These are the visa free countries for Pakistan. Only the best ones.

1- Qatar, is now a Visa Free Country for Pakistan

That’s right. Pakistanis can now get visa free entry to Qatar for as long as 30 days. Mind it that it would be a tourist visa. You would not be allowed to work, at least not legally.

Why would you want to go to Qatar? Just have a look at these pictures and you might want to go there. Look at the artificial island and skyscrapers. The country is worth visiting. The oldest Islamic Museum and centers for art and culture are mesmerizing.

Above all, it has some brilliant shopping malls (such as Souq Waqif in Doha) where tourists from around the world come to buy discreet jewelry, ornaments and whatnot!

artificial islands in qatar
artificial islands in qatar
skyscraper buildings in qatar
skyscrapers in Qatar

2- Samoa

If the name is unfamiliar, just have a look at these beautiful pictures and you might want to visit the country this summer.

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This south pacific ocean country is famous for its culture, music, and these heavenly beautiful beaches. Guess what, you can visit the country without any visa. That too for 30 days.

samoa beaches investinpak

3- Azerbaijan | Visa Free Entry for Pakistan

A country located between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains can give you goosebumps if you know where to spend your time. Luckily for Pakistani citizens, they have no visa policy and you could stay for as long as 15 days as a tourist.

4- Palau | A collection of islands in the Micronesian region

Palau is rich in historical places and small islands. You can all the fantasies that you had in your mind. Most destinations in Palau offer something very unique to others. It is upto you to plan a fantastic tour of the country. They allow Pakistanis to stay for 30 days without a visa.

palau visa free entry for pakistan

5- Phu Quoc – Vietnam

The white sands in the largest island and luxurious resorts are the most attractive things tourists go to see in Phu Quoc. It is another visa free country for Pakistan. The duration of stay would be for 30 days.

phu quoc visa free country for pakistan


The British overseas territory located in the Caribean region is known for its exotic black sand beaches. The volcano observatory is one of the most attractive destinations of Montserrat.

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You know how long can you stay there without a visa? 180 days, that’s right!

Montserrat visa free country for pakistan

7- Nieu | The world’s smallest nation

Being the world’s smallest nation means an abundance of resources. You will see the rich tourist spots and would be able to stay for 30 days without a visa.

Niue visa free countries for pakistan

8- Dominica | One of the visa free countries for Pakistan.

Dominica is famous for its beautiful landscapes and mountainous ranges. You will have a 180-day visa free entry with a Pakistani passport.

Dominica visa free countries for pakistan

9- Haiti – The lonely plant of the Caribbean

I might not be very happy to share this one. Though Haiti is a visa free country for Pakistan the situation in the country is not OK. You can stay there for 30 days without a visa.

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10-Saint Vincent and Grenadines

A range of small islands and yacht-filled harbors are the unique features of Saint Vincent and Grenadines. It is one of the visa free countries for Pakistan and you can stay there for 30 days.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines visa free country

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