What happened to these three tourists in Gilgit Baltistan? You’ll be shocked

what happened to these tourists in gilgit baltistan

Three friends from Sindh province decided to pay a visit to Gilgit Baltistan and here is what happened to them in Babusar Top will shock you. Read the story as one of them described in person.

A few months back, we were traveling across the north.
While crossing Babusar pass, stopped, as usual, to just relax and enjoy the scenery, took a few pics, had this small string bag with me ( with considerable amount of cash, few gadgets and few other things, as this was the only string bag we had that was not roped up on jeep )

We were busy in taking shots, me being me ( forgetful ). I walked away from the bag and this dude ( was a chat wala there ) just took the bag and as he had seen me walking with the bag earlier, he started approaching me ( I was a few hundred yards away at this point ) but this other guy sitting there, a corn vendor ( challi wala ) said mujhe de den men deke aata hoon, by this time we had vanished off his eyes, so he gave the vendor my bag thinking I’ll wind up coming back to this place looking for my bag. After like 5m he found me and told me that I forgot my bag, I in a hurry said I had no bag and started walking away to realize it was my bag like a min later, got to him and asked where is it?

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He told me challi wale k pass hai, together we went in that direction and by the time that challi wala was no longer there, started asking around and someone told us about his hut there, went there and couldn’t find anyone there, as I was leaving there someone told us about shop his brother runs, but also warned us about him being rude and won’t talk to us and asked us to take help of the tourist police chowki there. I personally thought of just dropping the idea of getting help from police, coming from Sindh, but after others insisted I went to them.

We went to the tourist police chowki there, 3 officers were having tea, told them about the incident and they immediately stood and all 3 of them in their dresses came along to his brothers shop with, they didn’t even let me talk and just told him that they know his brother took the bag, it had money in it and he took it with intent of stealing, to intimidate him told him we know your name is xyz and xyz is your brother and ur fathers name, just know that we are forwarding the complaint over the radio to SHO Haji Andleeb Khan of Jhal jurisdiction. They told us not to worry at all, that we are gonna get every single penny bach that the SHO is such an honest guy, he would help us locate the guy and we’ll getback the stuff soon enough. We headed back to their Chowki, he radioed over to the SHO with details.

SHO took off from Police station at once, within few min the guy came running with my bag and apologised and was quick to run back.
I know by now many of u might be thinking we just couldn’t say he stole without evidence and how can I be sure of him with intent of stealing, well actually he had opened the bag and cash had been counted, although he returned back with fear of the SHO there.

By the time we radioed back the SHO was already on his way, we called him and he asked us to pay a visit to his police station to report it none the less, we went ahead to jhal on the way to Chillas, SHO had sent a mobile for us to follow to the Police Station, served us with tea and was a v nice person in general, inquired me of the whole incident in details and that if any of the officers up above took any kind of cash from us, also he noted the whole thing down and took copies of ids from me and 2 other witness, also gave 2 options for us, either just the complaint or an FIR, but for FIR there was a procedure we had to follow and the bag would have to be handed over and we could get it from the court due to some legalities over in GB.

He insisted for us to have lunch with him ( he wasn’t taking a no for an answer, but we insisted we were getting late ). He was v worried about the image of GB goes towards the outside world and said he wanted to get rid of each and every sheep under his area.

I’m stunned by their quick response and them being so honest to their work,
First, the chat wala bhai didn’t even blink, left his stall and went on this manhunt with me without worrying about his own stall.
The Tourist Police Officers there at the babusar Chowki, their quick response and handling as if it was their own stuff that was stolen and not taking the bribe. Their in charge, SHO thal Haji Andaleeb Khan.

* I tried my best to let people know about the goodness around in GB. 

Umer Atiq
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