PHA Cooperation to Boost Tourism in Pakistan

PHA Cooperation to Boost Tourism in Pakistan

Like other areas of business, the Tourism sector is also facing losses due to the current situation in the whole world. The condition is also not favorable for tourism in Pakistan. Many people lose their jobs due to failure in the tourism sector.

To boost up and improve the hospitality sector, PHA (Pakistan Hotels Association) offers cooperation to the Federal Government and its tourism-related departments. That should be a huge relief for the Government and tourism in Pakistan.

Yesterday, Chairman of PHA and Vise President of FPCCI, Zubair Baweja said that” After the persistent monetary losses in PTDC motels in Northern Areas of Pakistan, however, the tasks should be restored for the endurance of the tourism industry and employment creation.”

He also stated that private sectors should take a step forward to help the government for the betterment of the tourism in Pakistan. Private sectors need to provide their support to the government to improve and expand these motels to rebuild a healthy environment for tourism.

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Zubair Baweja further explained and said that “The investors are always ready to build hotels in the Northern Areas of Pakistan just because of fascinating locations.” He also suggested that “the Government should rent out these motels to the private sector. The private sector can easily remodel these motels into international standard hotels to boost up the tourism industry.”

About 24 properties are closed in the entire north at that time.

The Chairman of PHA said that “Following these steps we could achieve strong improvement in the tourism sector and increase employment rates in Northern Areas.”

He said that” Providing a chance to the private sector to bring improvement and effectiveness, increase competition and employment opportunities.” Privatizing these properties will increase revenue rates and attract more investors to bring new developments. That will improve the sector of tourism in Pakistan.