Facebook to Invest in Pakistan, First Time Ever

facebook to invest in pakistan

Pakistan has seen a significant recovery in foreign direct investment in the past 6 months or so. In the latest updates, social media giant Facebook announced a multi-million dollar project that will take effect in Pakistan. The project will be a cooperation between Nayatel (One of the major internet services providers in Pakistan) and Facebook.

We know how poor the internet infrastructure in Pakistan is. There is ample space for large-scale investors to grow big in the country. PTCL, being the largest and the only government-operated internet services provider in Pakistan, holds firm grounds all over the country. However, when it comes to the quality of the internet, PTCL has been facing a lot of naming and shaming for years. The effect of which is actually not seen anywhere, as PTCL has no competitor in the majority of areas.

High-speed, reliable, and affordable broadband has become a basic household necessity as the covid-19 pandemic continues to affect millions across the world. Owing to the situation, Facebook has spotted an opportunity to invest and grow in Telecom sector in Pakistan.


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Facebook, a company with such huge resources, alongside Nayatel which is already operating in this domain, would do wonders for the telecom sector in Pakistan. Just imaging having optical fiber connection in your area, with little disconnectivity, better customer support and more choices of internet bundles. This is what is going to happen when PTCL sees a competitor growing beneath its nose. They have already improved their service in the areas where NAYATEL posed a threat as a better service provider. These are the areas where PTCL now officially provides optical fiber connections to the commercial buildings.

We will see how this investment improves lives in Pakistan, how more jobs will be created and how the quality of services will create a better work environment for freelancers. What are your thoughts?

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Umer Atiq
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