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Food Delivery Business for Females – Start Your Own Business in Pakistan

Do you want to start your own food delivery business? If you are unemployed or are unable to manage your daily and monthly expense, you must read this article carefully. I bet you will love the idea and will dare to try it once in your life.

If you can relate, then this idea is for you. Food delivery business can enable you to earn about 30,000 to 80,000 a month while working at your own pace at home. Isn’t it good enough? Let me tell you the details. You are really going to love it if you are a female and particularly a needy one. Because, instead of stepping out for a job in a relatively male dominant society, you can work at home and earn a handsome amount of money on a monthly basis. My plan will help you build your business with a relatively lower investment and a higher ROI (Return on Investment).

if you are looking for success stories, just write in the comments and I will share a link to all the women who are successfully running their business and are earning much better than any 9 to 5 job holder.

Now let’s move to the plan for this “food delivery business”

As it’s a homemade food delivery plan. Only three important things should be in your knowledge. Please make sure you keep it as simple as I am telling you.

1- prepare food at home

2- delivery the food and get paid

Preparing food at home

There are a lot of people who love homemade food, there are some who need it. Restaurants can be untidy or unhealthy for a lot of us.

Being a home kitchen owner, all you have to do is get the ingredients from the market and prepare the best dishes you know. Make sure you cook what the customers demand the most.

Keep in mind the cost as well. If you are preparing dishes that cost higher, then you might not get as many customers as you would be expecting.

Decide the target market first, you should know who would be the customers. I have seen people who are only dealing in organic food, some are dealing in food for those with specific medical conditions. Others are dealing in dishes that they can prepare the best.

There are plenty of options, the question is, are you ready to make some money? Your commitment is the only thing that can take you to the place you would love to be in.

Keep your delivery presentable. If your delivery is neat and clean, your customers will find it amusing. If your customers are happy, I bet you will be too. If the customers are unhappy, the business will see a downfall.

Delivering food that you prepared at home

According to the homemade food delivery business plan. Delivering it the right way comes next. It can get tricky at times. I have seen a lot of ladies asking the question, as they are not able to make the deliveries by themselves. Hiring someone else and paying a monthly fee is also out of reach.

I have written down all the options that you can use to make efficient deliveries. Both in terms of cost and in terms of quality.

1- Family Support – For Delivery Only

As the title suggests, you need to find someone from your family or friends. You must be thinking that this is an obvious suggestion. You are right, it is. However, I had to mention it for a reason. I have seen women who hesitate to talk to their immediate family members, or close friends, about what they are planing.

The idea here is for women to be brave enough. If you have someone who can help, reach out to them. Tell them what you are planning, tell them the benefits as well.

What benefits? if you don’t know. Delivery charges are actually paid by the customers. Which means anyone delivering the food will be entitled to get that money.

Now, do you think you can talk someone into it? If yes, you are good to go. If not, keep reading the other options.

2- Hire a Person or a Cost-Effective Delivery Services Provider

Another obvious suggestion. Don’t go just now. Read it once. There is a trick.

I have already explained how you need to convince someone from your friends or family. This thing is different. When you are hiring someone, you don’t actually need to convince them. You just have to tell them the return. In cash.

The first and foremost option would be to use services like those of Bykea. They will pick up the food and will deliver it to the customer’s location. You can share the charges with your customer as well.

For example, if you are sending over a dish worth 400 rupees and the delivery charges on Bykea are 200, you can bear the 50% which is 100 rupees and the customer can do the rest.

Careem also has a delivery service, however, I found it a bit expensive. In a food delivery business, the cost of delivery matters a lot. The margins are not as much as there are in some of the other businesses. Particularly when you do not have a regular stream of orders.

3- Third-Party Apps

What is a third-party food delivery network? The third party is a bridge between manufacture and consumer, they let a person place an online order through an app or a website like(Foodpanda, and Eatoye).

How do they work? It is very simple to understand their business model. All you need to do is, create an account with them. Get registered with a specific name under your category. They will provide you with orders as well as delivery service.

Having third-party support in the food delivery business, you get multiple benefits. I will talk about it in the section below.

Why Choose a Third Party Service?

A third-party service works online and delivers food. They will provide orders so you don’t have to worry about all the marketing stuff to get new customers.

Some example of these apps are:

  • Foodpanda
  • Eatoye
  • Cheetay

Services like these will get you some orders from the local market. You will be responsible to handle food preparation, they will take care of the rest for you. Of course, they will charge you a commission fee for the orders you are getting. However, this is absolutely a great deal. You will not have to spend a penny on marketing. They will do everything for you.

The Does and the Don’ts

In the food business, they say, it sells well if it tastes well. However, in business, you need to keep the profit margins in check as well. If you follow the steps I described above and then make sure the below mentioned suggestions are effectively followed, you will be among the successful ones.

  • Your kitchen should be clean and tidy. Some snaps of your tidiness can really attract a lot of people on social media.
  • Delivering on time is important. No matter you are delivering it by yourself or are hiring a third party. It should be prepared and dispatched in time.
  • Never ever compromise on quality, however, do not over-optimize things. Keep it simple, grab the best possible raw material from the market. Grab the best possible edibles and then make sure your food tastes like heaven.
  • Make sure the food you are preparing suits your customers, not you. If your customers like it, you will get more orders. If you like it and your customers don’t, you will be criticized.


I have tried to elaborate on all the parts and parcels of the food delivery business for females. If you still have questions, please write in the comments or send me an email. I will respond to all the queries with complete details. If you need further help in establishing your business, you can contact me as well. I hope you do like it and I’m sure this plan will help you attain financial independence. Best of luck ladies.

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