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Unemployment remains one of Pakistan’s biggest problems. It haunts every Pakistani graduate for a good number of years until an opportunity pops in. According to CEICDATA, the unemployment rate in Pakistan is 5.79% leaving about 3.8 million citizens despised. Digital Pakistan Academy has something very interesting to offer to the unemployed youth.

1- About Digital Pakistan Academy

One of the major reasons for unemployment is a lack of skills. It has been reported by multiple industries that university graduates lack skills that are required. Thus, they have to rely on available resources who are experienced. Digital Pakistan Academy is all about teaching skills that get you employment.

I visited the academy and met a few students, I was impressed by the confidence DPA has induced into its students.

it training instituteDPA is inspired by the government’s #digitalPakistan project. If you don’t already know, Tania Adirus has allocated a block for IT Trainings and Skills. This means the next few years will generate quite a few employment opportunities in the IT sector.

Digital Pakistan Academy aims to train youngsters, whether graduates or not, to learn IT skills and get hired by software firms immediately. One of the courses is Freelancing, which will enable these students to be financially independent. This course has been designed specifically for those having a lack of industrial presence in their region. Female candidates also find freelancing quite pragmatic.

2- IT Courses offered by Digital Pakistan Academy

Pakistan has over 2000 registered software houses. Not taking into account the number of startups and unregistered software firms.

This is one of the largest industries that employes thousands of graduates each year. Pakistani universities produce an average of 80,000 to 120,000 computer science graduates each year. This means that each of the software firms has to produce at least 4 to 6 new employment opportunities each year.

DPA is offering four courses specifically designed according to industry requirements. Here is the list with some details.

i- Web Design & Development Course:

We discussed that each software firm in Pakistan has to produce 4 to 6 employment opportunities each year to accommodate all computer science graduates. Excluding the fact that an average 27% of the software firms actually have to downsize every once in a while.

I have seen that skilled workers, particularly programmers, play a vital role in establishing the footholds of a software firm. This makes web design & development course very important. Since 80% of the firms have at least 2 positions for this particular skill.

Digital Pakistan Academy teaches web design & development just as it is required by IT companies. The students will be employable right after the course.

ii- SEO & Digital Marketing Course:

Pakistan is far behind in SEO & Digital Marketing. We have seen entrepreneurs around the world have done wonders by promoting their brands online. SEO and DM are the most powerful skills to help promote a brand online.

Digital Pakistan Academy focuses on SEO & Digital Marketing to enable students to promote businesses. I personally feel that this course can do wonders if applied properly. Since I earn via blogging and affiliate marketing, I know the value of Search Engine Optimization.

iii- Graphic Design Course:

I have seen freelancers making a fortune in Graphic Design. This is one of the most valuable services one can provide. I was going through a few sellers’ profiles on an online marketplace and saw a graphic designer has delivered over 250,000 projects in the past 4 years. I just couldn’t calculate the amount she had earned.

Digital Pakistan Academy focuses not only on teaching tools for Graphic Design. It also trains students to develop a design sense that wins jobs.

iv- Career in Freelancing:

According to DAWN, Pakistan now receives more than a billion-dollar ($1.2 Billion) of remittance through freelancers. This is a huge amount, guys.

Digital Pakistan Academy has this interesting course that trains students to establish a career in freelancing. The course not only includes creating profiles on online marketplaces. It also includes strategies for winning jobs and managing ongoing projects. I just loved their course content for freelancing, that would be all you need to become financially independent.

3- What’s Special About Digital Pakistan Academy:

This is important to mention since there are hundreds of institutes offering IT Courses in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and the rest of Pakistan.

Digital Pakistan Academy is all about training. They won’t leave their students after delivering a few lectures that students, otherwise, could have seen on YouTube as well. They have an environment like a software house where seniors sit with the students and show them step by step, how it’s done.

Here is what I found special about Digital Pakistan Academy

  • Training methods are based on practical. Seniors sit with students and show them how it’s done. Step by step.
  • Each course has skill evaluation during and after it’s completed. Evaluation allows students to assess if they want to continue learning or if they are ready to gt hired.
  • Internship and job recommendations for brighter candidates.
  • Illuminating sessions on JOB HUNTING.
  • Option to switch from one course to another, free of cost.
  • Nominal fee.
  • Long sessions on weekends for those who could not attend classes during the weekdays.

I think this is extraordinary.

5- Procedure of Admission

Students interested in any course can contact Digital Pakistan Academy on their Facebook Page Here.


Cell: +92-333-8322151

Landline: 051-2711353

6- Fee structure and Duration of courses

Most of the courses last for up to 2 months. The period is expandable if the students have more to learn. Since their model is to make every student a pro.

The fee is nominal for every course. The starting amount is about 9,000 for each course.


Digital Pakistan Academy is turning out to be great for the youngsters. If you are into learning, DPA is the place to be.

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