LUMS Announces 41% Increase In The Semester Fee

Lahore University of Management Sciences   LUMS announces a 41% increase in semester fee in the midst of the pandemic and this fee hike has made people furious.

A 41%  increase in semester fee which adds 1,40,000 (140K) to the existing fee, making it 4,82,000 (482K).

News has been circulating on social media that LUMS has ‘manipulated’ the credit hour calculation to increase its fee by up to Rs140,000

People are furious over fee hike

Appalled at the imbalanced percentage of hike in fee, people have come together to voice strongly against it with the hashtag #LUMSFeeHIKE on Twitter.

In this struggling time of the COVID-19 outbreak, students are afraid to share the new fee of the semester with their parents.

The Twitter storm and sever backlash caused the university issuing another statement on its official Twitter account on Tuesday,

In the issued statement they said the fee for the 2020 academic year were decided upon before the COVID-19 pandemic and the hike is entirely consistent with prior years.

The statement clarified that earlier, a per semester fee was being charged for students taking credit hours between 12 to 20.

And now that fee is calculated as per credit hours’ bases. That will increase the semester fee for some students and decrease it for others.

But this new statement from university did not make the impression it was trying to. And that too backfired as people found it to be an unsympathetic and insensitive act.

Twitter on storm after LUMS fee hike

People on  Twitter are using #LUMSFeeHike hashtag and many shared fitting memes on fee hike.

A student shared on twitter that what do I tell my parent about the fee hike.

One of the students tweeted that you will have to pay 300,000 extra to graduate on time.

A CS student shared the fee voucher and said you people (LUMS) have looted every CS student over lab courses.

People over social media shared that how this fee hike put them in mental stress.

LUMS is not for profit or non-profit University?

LUMS after increasing the semester fee.

Someone shared a meme  “Paisa hi Paisa Hoga” over fee hike

LUMS student collective shared the statement on their Twitter account.

Students criticized the university management for not involving students in any decision and increased fee without any notice to students and that too in this struggling time of COVID-19 breakout.

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