PayPal account in Pakistan – Definitive Guide to make and verify PayPal account

Make your own verified PayPal account in Pakistan - Link it to your Pakistani bank.

If you are looking to create a Paypal account in Pakistan, you will find this article very interesting. I have been asked this question hundreds of times and I have finally decided to write this breaking news on my blog.

It is very easy to create a Paypal account in Pakistan. The problem is with the verification procedure that haunts many of us. Today,  I am going to write a step by step procedure of creating and verifying your Paypal account in Pakistan.

First things first, we need to see what are Paypal’s basic requirements for creating an account with them. Have a look. These are not the requirements for Paypal in Pakistan, these are general requirements.

#You need a Phone number that you can verify. They won’t accept Pakistani phone numbers.
#You need a bank account that you can attach to the account. They won’t accept Pakistani bank accounts either.

So, what now? Well, do not worry yet. I am just about to tell you what exactly you need to do to get these two verifications completed with just a few clicks. Trust me, you are going to get your Paypal account in Pakistan if you follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Get a UK based SIM card, from your mobile phone:

Yes, that is right. You can get a UK based SIM card from your mobile phone. All you need is this APP to get a verified UK based number.

Please note that you do not have to use TEXT-ME app for this purpose, you can use any app or service online to buy a UK based number.

Skype also provides international numbers.


buy a uk based number

This step is completed as soon as you have an international number (UK based). You are one step closer to creating your own verified Paypal account in Pakistan.

Step 2– Create a Bank Account Online:

Isn’t this interesting? You have to go through a lot of documentation before opening a bank account in Pakistan. Well, it is not the case if you need a bank account in one of these developed countries, such as in the UK.

All you need is an app or the web portal of one of these two banks that are based in the UK,

i- Monzo Bank (Site Link)
ii- Revolut Bank (Site Link)

These two banks allow customers from anywhere in the world to open a bank account for them. You might need to provide them with an address that should be based in the UK.

If you are looking to make a PayPal account in Pakistan, you should be able to get a UK based address. This won’t be easy for all of you guys, but it should not be impossible.

Talk to someone you know, find someone who lives in the UK, it may be a relative, a friend or a friend of someone you know.

Come on, you can do this much, right? Most people who need Paypal account in Pakistan are actually businessmen or freelancers. I presume that finding a UK based address won’t be a hell of a job for such people.

Now, back to the account opening process. See the following infographics to complete your bank account process with Monzo, preferably.

create an account with monzo

Step 3 – Now make Paypal account in Pakistan using these details:

This is the final step. Now you have all the ingredients that are needed to make a Paypal account in Pakistan on your name.

i- Use UK as your base country while selecting the region.

ii- Use the address that you previously put in your Monzo bank account.

iii- Use your Pakistani Passport to input identification details.

That’s it. You will have a verified Paypal account in Pakistan if you complete these steps in the right order.

Conclusion of creating a Paypal Account in Pakistan

Okay now, you have learned all the steps required to create a verified PayPal account in Pakistan. If you need further help or guidance related to any of the steps, just write your questions in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi Sir !

    Is it just possible if we have a number of uk and address of UK ?? Ager hmary pas america ka address or number ho tw ye same steps hm follow kr k acount bna skty hen please give me a reply on this ???

  2. Brother, if I provide random UK address? do paypal send some post etc the UK address? how the address will help? do I need to send anything related to the address i buy from someone?

    for Verification Paypal only need Pakistan passport or will need some other document from me?

    1. PayPal does not send any verification to your physical address. However, Monzo or Revolut will send your credit card plus a code to activate your card. This means, if the address is random, you will not be able to complete STEP 2. There has to be someone in the UK to receive your card at the desired address.

      Revolut on the other end supports these countries:
      Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

  3. what is limit of this account for transsection ??
    if paypal ask for Bank statement will i provide Monzo Statement ?
    how to draw money in pakistan from paypal ?

    1. You can withdraw from PayPal to MONZO bank and then use MONZO debit card on any ATM in Pakistan. There are no additional charges for using a MONZO debit card on any ATM in Pakistan.
      If PayPal asks for a bank statement, you will show MONZO, not your Pakistani bank.
      There is no transaction limit. PayPal usually requires double authentication check on transactions above $1000, you can provide your passport, Monzo details and address when and if required. There won’t be any problem.

      It will be a verified and legal account on your name.

    1. No, you’ll need a passport to show that you actually reside in the UK. This is important as PayPal does not allow those in Pakistan to create an account. However, if you are in a country that PayPal supports, you’ll be able to go through the process.

  4. Hello Umer Atiq
    I have a company & business bank account in Malaysia but no Malaysian Debit or Credit Card. What are the options I can create paypal account either business or personal paypal account? For Paypal business account they want both bank and card to be linked with account, for personal paypal account they want personal bank account or personal card.

    Please let me know if there is any solution.

    Thank you

    1. PayPal is allowed in Malysia, you can link your bank account and proceed with it. Did you know Malysia has one of the worlds best online bank transfer system? Use that to transfer your money into Pakistani bank. Get a personal account.

  5. I don’t think that this is a solution in the long run. The problem is that at any point in time PayPal can ask you for a utility bill to verify your address. How are you supposed to give them a legal utility bill showing your name and foreign address that you used ?. Even if your relative or friend resides there and they do get some kind of utility bill, then the bill would confirm the foreign address but the name of the consumer would be not yours which will obviously result in closure of your PayPal account.

    1. Send them a utility bill of that address, the name does not have to be yours on the bill. 5 people residing in one place having 5 PayPal accounts do not have a separate electricity connection on their name. I hope you got the point.

      Long run? Oh yeah, we need PayPal to be in Pakistan. That is the solution in the long run. Until then, my method can do the trick for you. I have been trading thousands of dollars via my account for years.

  6. agr paypal limitation ya payment hold wagera kary to phir wo home address jo diya hy us ka koi bill wagera mangty hain. attiq bhai phir kya karna ho ga.
    or bill wo jo paypal holder kay name py ho.

  7. Do we have to operate all this process through a VPS or is it fine to make a paypal account by pakistani IP. Because I’ve heard many times about the suspension of paypal accounts which opperate through paKistani IP

    1. Good question. VPN is the last priority, VPS is a better option. The best and cheaper than VPS would be Remote Desktop somewhere in US or UK. or any other approved country.

      Just FYI, I am using the same on VPN and I have never received any warning/alerts for the past 3 years.

  8. Hi,
    I read your blog, sounds good but if i put my home address also same, and i dont live in UK and a Pakistani national.

    Paypal will ask for my passport, in that case, they can close the account?

    Please for your details experience and review.

    1. Yeah I can, but, what good would that account be for you if I use my sources to create it for you? I will always be able to retrieve it. No matter what you do. This is how people scam you on the internet. Be aware.

  9. Bro, Can’t we use our National ID card instead of Passport or do we need to get it created. Also, if we don’t have someone in UK, can we buy and use any virtual address? If so, then what company would you recommend to buy from? Thank you so much!

    1. You can’t use your CNIC, it has to be your passport. Using virtual addresses might do the trick for some, not for others. I suggested using friends’ place because it is safe.

  10. For this informative post as I am finding this solution from the last two year and finally I got it from you again thank you so much for this kind information but I have a question here do we need to use proxy and evps to access this Paypal or we can access directly through Pakistani IP as I am thinking that if that is that we are Pakistani there will block our account kindly kindly kindly answer my comment I am waiting for you thank you so much

    1. Never use it on Pakistani IP, I have been using it via VPN but honestly, I do not recommend it to others, but, the good news is that even if they raise an objection, they do not block your account straight away, they ask for verification and you can send them that if you have used aforementioned way for creating your PayPal account.
      I am happy that my content helped you. That is all I am here for. Cheers!

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