PayPal account in Pakistan – Definitive Guide to make and verify PayPal account

paypal account in pakistan

If you are looking to create a Paypal account in Pakistan, you will find this article very interesting. I have been asked this question hundreds of times and I have finally decided to write this breaking news on my blog.

It is very easy to create a Paypal account in Pakistan. The problem is with the verification procedure that haunts many of us. Today,  I am going to write a step by step procedure of creating and verifying your Paypal account in Pakistan.

First things first, we need to see what are Paypal’s basic requirements for creating an account with them. Have a look. These are not the requirements for Paypal in Pakistan, these are general requirements.

#You need a Phone number that you can verify. They won’t accept Pakistani phone numbers.
#You need a bank account that you can attach to the account. They won’t accept Pakistani bank accounts either.

So, what now? Well, do not worry yet. I am just about to tell you what exactly you need to do to get these two verifications completed with just a few clicks. Trust me, you are going to get your Paypal account in Pakistan if you follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Get a UK based SIM card, from your mobile phone:

Yes, that is right. You can get a UK based SIM card from your mobile phone. All you need is this APP to get a verified UK based number.

Please note that you do not have to use TEXT-ME app for this purpose, you can use any app or service online to buy a UK based number.

Skype also provides international numbers.


buy a uk based number

This step is completed as soon as you have an international number (UK based). You are one step closer to creating your own verified Paypal account in Pakistan.

Step 2– Create a Bank Account Online:

Isn’t this interesting? You have to go through a lot of documentation before opening a bank account in Pakistan. Well, it is not the case if you need a bank account in one of these developed countries, such as in the UK.

All you need is an app or the web portal of one of these two banks that are based in the UK,

i- Monzo Bank (Site Link)
ii- Revolut Bank (Site Link)

These two banks allow customers from anywhere in the world to open a bank account for them. You might need to provide them with an address that should be based in the UK.

If you are looking to make a PayPal account in Pakistan, you should be able to get a UK based address. This won’t be easy for all of you guys, but it should not be impossible.

Talk to someone you know, find someone who lives in the UK, it may be a relative, a friend or a friend of someone you know.

Come on, you can do this much, right? Most people who need Paypal account in Pakistan are actually businessmen or freelancers. I presume that finding a UK based address won’t be a hell of a job for such people.

Now, back to the account opening process. See the following infographics to complete your bank account process with Monzo, preferably.

create an account with monzo

Step 3 – Now make Paypal account in Pakistan using these details:

This is the final step. Now you have all the ingredients that are needed to make a Paypal account in Pakistan on your name.

i- Use UK as your base country while selecting the region.

ii- Use the address that you previously put in your Monzo bank account.

iii- Use your Pakistani Passport to input identification details.

That’s it. You will have a verified Paypal account in Pakistan if you complete these steps in the right order.

Conclusion of creating a Paypal Account in Pakistan

Okay now, you have learned all the steps required to create a verified PayPal account in Pakistan. If you need further help or guidance related to any of the steps, just write your questions in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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