Police Harassment of Couples in Islamabad – Who is Involved?

police harassment of couples in islamabad

This has been the most demanded article from most of our readers. Police harassment of couples in Islamabad has been one of the most neglected issues. We think that bigger fish are involved in this case as no one is talking about the lawlessness in this matter. I have gone through several cases where policemen harassed couples hanging out in the capital city.

I have spoken to a few couples who were harassed by the ITP officials for no reason. If they stopped after taking a few hundred rupees, the matter would have been concluded. The thing is, they ask for a lot more than just the money. Read about this couple, the girl was raped by the policemen, who was hanging out with her male friend in f6 Islamabad.

Who would not have heard of the girl who was raped in F9 park Islamabad? That too by the CDA employees. I bet no one has heard about the fate of these employees and the case just got removed from the media.

We have a habit of forgetting things, don’t we? We forgot Zainab, the children raped in Qasoor, the young boys brutally murdered in Sialkot, the Hindu girl hanged in her room, we forgot what happened to Mashal and then how his father died seeking justice? We forgot Naqeeb and that how Rao Anwaar is still out there mocking out justice system.

If these young educated couples are being harassed by the police in the capital city of Islamabad, I just wonder what would the police be doing in smaller cities, towns, and villages? Please be aware that I am not against anybody, I have written about this brave police officer who has made us proud and many others that I respect.

Here is the thing, most police officers have section 294 of the Pakistan Penal Code to pressurize couples into following their ill intents. Some even go beyong and use article 376 of the PPC to further complicate the situation.

What is Section 294 of the Pakistan Penal Code?

Here is the thing, the section 294 of the PPC clearly states:
Whoever, to the annoyance of others, —

(a)does any obscene act in any public place, or
(b)sings, recites or utters any obscene songs, ballad or words, in or near any public place,

shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine, or with both. – reference

Now, do I have to tell you that having lunch or dinner with the opposite-gender is not an “obscene act “?  Or do the administration in Islamabad needs a few lessons?

Clearly, most of the commoners face troubles because we as a citizen of Pakistan do not know our rights. We do not know the legal complications/implications of 99% of the stuff that we do every day.

My question, however, is that should the girl or the boy who is being harassed by the police be held responsible for not knowing their rights? Or should the district administration be held accountable for allowing these not so humane police officers to do whatever they want on the streets?

Well, you are right. This would be easier if the law enforcement agencies follow the law first. Then we go to the second part where we as the educated citizens of Pakistan should know enough of the LAW to protect and guard ourselves.

Can police absolutely can’t do anything to the couples, no matter what?

Here is the thing, do not misunderstand a few things. There is a problem if you are really doing something that can be categorized as an “obscene act“.

If you are old enough to be a couple, you should know what the limits are. Laws are very close to nature and culture. It is pretty much a perfect amalgamation of both. So, if you think that most of the people around you would find your actions annoying, you are doing something wrong.

There is a line that we need to draw, we can’t just do anything we want. We have to be decent and then be brave enough to confront anyone who wants to misbehave.

What are the scenarios where the police can’t disturb you at all?

Out of all the scenarios that there could be, let me enlist a few of the most important ones. Mind me that these are the scenarios where a lot of couples have previously being harassed, however, if you are reading this article, you will know your rights.

  1. You are sitting in a public or a private place with your friend(s).
  2. Traveling in a public or a private vehicle of any sort.
  3. Walking down the street or in a park, or any place that you find fit.

In such cases, if the police start harassing you, please do not fall prey. I am talking to the boys, in particular, to be brave. If you have the guts to take someone’s daughter out, you should have the guts to save her from anyone threatening their integrity.

If you have ever heard about a similar incident or would like to share your thoughts, write in the comments below. Let the district administration know that we are not sitting ducks. Let there be no more police harassment of couples in Islamabad or anywhere else thereof.

Can police arrest couples from a hotel, if they are unmarried?

No, there is no such law in PPC that allows them to arrest you if you are not indulged in an indecent activity. Being with a prostitute is a whole different thing.

Can police arrest me if I am kissing or cuddling a girl in public?

Yes, you see this is not a decent activity. You can't do stuff like that in the public. Section 294 of the PPC applies here.

Can police arrest me if I am riding on a bike/car with a girl?

Hell no, it is your right to move freely around the streets. As long as you are not breaking a law, you can't be arrested by the police.


Umer Atiq
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