Coronavirus Cases In Pakistan – Coronavirus latest Updates

Coronavirus Cases In Pakistan

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Pakistan are increasing swiftly. We have seen that Punjab is currently being the most affected area.

We will keep this page updated with the growing number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan. Updates started from 10-March.

List of Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan, Last Updated on 19-Jun| 11:30 pm


Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan Reach 969,254

• Coronavirus Cases in Sindh:  344,269

• Coronavirus Cases in Punjab: 348,678

• Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 139,182

• Coronavirus Cases in Balochistan: 27,781

• Coronavirus Cases in Islamabad: 83,400

• Coronavirus Cases in Gilgit-Baltistan: 6,700

• AJK: 20,811

Recovered from Covid-19: 911,383

Total Deaths in Pakistan due to Coronavirus: 22,520

• Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: 4,348

• Sindh: 55,66

• Balochistan: 317

• Gilgit Baltistan: 111

• Punjab: 10,805

• Islamabad Capital Territory: 782

• AJK: 591


How Serious is Coronavirus Outbreak in Pakistan?

The numbers tell us the reality. In Italy, on Feb 20, they had 4 confirmed cases. By March 15, less than a month, they had 24747 cases. Each day they had an average 27% increase.

In the USA, on March 2, they had 100 cases. By March 15, in less than 2 weeks, they had 3680 cases. They are at a 32% daily increase.

In the UK, on March 5, they had 116 cases. By March 15, in 10 days, they had 1391 cases. They have a 29% daily increase.

In Iran, on Feb 25, they had 95 cases. By March 15, in less than a month, they had 13938 cases. Iran is at a 32% daily increase

The average daily increase in these 4 countries is 30%.

Canada and Alberta are following this trend. Two days ago Alberta had 29 cases, then the next day 39 cases, then the next day 56 cases. The average trend is a daily increase of over 34%. Currently, in Canada, we have 341 cases. In 2 weeks at the end of March, we are estimated to have 22700 cases in Canada.

In Alberta, we have 56 cases. We are estimated by the end of March to have 3732 cases in Alberta. If 10% of these cases require ICU, that is 373 ICU beds needed. The province only has 300 ICU beds across the entire province capable of intubation.

That means in just 2 weeks our entire health care system could be overwhelmed and we will be faced with questions of who lives and who dies.

The government is not overreacting when they put bans and restrictions in place. This is why the window to stop the spread is very narrow and why strict restrictions and closures are necessary. This is why we have to follow the regulations of the government as our civic duty. We need a healthy amount of fear and understanding at this time, not panic, and not complacency, but the right kind of fear that leads to timely action.

For people in Pakistan, please take it very, very serious.

Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan and Throughout the World

  • USA now tops the list of most coronavirus cases in the world, China seems to have controlled it better
  • Italy suffers the worst mortality rate
  • USA, China and now Pakistan have started working on a cure that involves using blood plasma from coronavirus recovered patients, this can be used to treat the acute cases of infected patients.


Three-member of National Institute of Health NIH reached Skardu where they will train local health officials about coronavirus. Khyber Medical university’s lab in Peshawar is only allowed to test coronavirus.

Coronavirus Outbreak In Karachi

The spread of the virus is quick and Karachi is the most affected city so far.

The recently diagnosed patients had traveled to Pakistan from Syria via Doha airport while the others arrived from London via Dubai. Most of the people who have traveled from Iran have brought coronavirus with them and are tested positive.

A huge number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan have been diagnosed from Sindh. The government said more than 1600 Zayreen came to Karachi between 11-March to 21-March.

Starting from Shahzaib Rahujo being the first case, the limit has now crossed 1597 confirmed coronavirus cases in Pakistan. Latest capture on 30th March 2020.

Extension of School Holidays In Sindh

Due to the increase in coronavirus cases in Pakistan, the Sindh government extend holidays in all educational institutes.
The Sindh government announced that all educational institutes will remain closed till March 31, earlier education minister Sindh announced to reopen all private and government schools by March 9th.

The decision was made after the meeting between the Sindh health department and Sindh minister of health on Tuesday and CM Murad Ali Shah made the decision as confirmed cases of coronavirus in Pakistan are increasing rapidly and especially in Sindh.

Meeting also decided to arrange a frontline desk in all public and private hospitals adding to that government already closed the border of Afghanistan and Iran after cases were reported in Afghanistan and Iran and also announced and set screening measures at four major airports including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar.

The Increasing Number of Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan Affected PSL

The growing coronavirus cases in Pakistan also affected PSL 5. Sindh government issued an advisory for people to evade a large public crowd of this level. The matches were previously conducted behind closed doors. The league has now been called off.


PCB member assures that they will completely obey the instructions of health advisories issued by the government.

It is also recommended to shut educational institutes for a longer period and suggested banning large public gatherings as confirmed cases of coronavirus in Pakistan are escalating.

Important Steps By The Government To Combat Coronavirus

However, the rising of coronavirus affects Karachi the most and the government is treating the matter very seriously and trying to raise awareness about coronavirus among people via media.

Special wards have been arranged in Karachi and other cities of Sindh.

Sports like PSL and spring festivals should be put on hold to avoid public gatherings and the government is working on this.

Closure of educational institutes has been extended in Sindh and other provinces are advised to take precautionary measures to combat coronavirus.

Ways To Protect Yourself And Avoid Coronavirus

As confirmed coronavirus cases in Pakistan are expanding quickly, so one should avoid making mistakes and take precautionary measures.

Avoid close contact with people suffering from cough and wash your hands often with soap.

Stay home and avoid traveling when you are suffering from a cough or fever.

Make the use of masks mandatory in public places and avoid handshakes

Avoid touching your face frequently after you get off public transit.

Cover your cough and sneezes with a tissue.

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FAQs about Coronavirus in Pakistan

What is the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Pakistan?

Can I get coronavirus by touching the sick people?

If they have the virus, you can get it by touching, staying close when they cough or sneeze, or by touching their body liquids like blood. Stay away and stay safe.

What to do if someone in the family shows symptoms of Coronavirus in Pakistan?

Put them in an isolated room and provide them with a mask. Contact 1122 or the nearest medical facility and ask them to take the patient to a hospital. Follow preventive measures and get tested for the virus. Get everyone in the family tested.

Is coronavirus treatable?

Not right now. Doctors are very close to identifying a vaccine for the virus. They are hopeful that the treatment will be formulated very soon.

Is Pakistan equipped for Coronavirus challenge?

The health minister issued a statement that Pakistan is equipped to fight Coronavirus. However, we saw Shahzaib's case and that raises eyebrows.

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