Minare Pakistan Video – Girl Manhandled by Crowed – Viral Video

minare pakistan video goes viral

You might have heard of the incident that took place at Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore where a Pakistani Tiktoker girl was dropped and humiliated by a group of around 400 people. Watch this video and then we can talk more about it. This minare Pakistan video went viral when this girl named Ayesha went to the location with her friends to shoot some videos. It was on the 14th of August.

The girl in question is Ayesha Baig from Lahore.


Lahore Minare Pakistan Video is trending all over social media. People are looking for the video of this Pakistani Tiktok girl who was assaulted by a group of inhuman and senseless individuals. We can see that the girl or the woman was not wearing untraditional clothes, she was not doing anything that could have triggered such violence. Even if she was wearing untraditional clothes or even if she was doing stuff that society does not approve of, still, nobody has the right to do such a thing.

If it is about Islam, then the matter is of this girl and Allah. If it is about the social values and the country’s traditions, then it is the state of Pakistan that can intervene. These illiterates had no right to humiliate the woman.

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We have received reports that Chief Minister of Punjab Mister Buzdar has taken a notice of the incident. A source also revealed that the FIR was registered against 400 men who will be identified via the video footage. We hope that the culprits get punished severely so that no other woman has to go through such a thing again.

This incident also reveals where we are as a society. Minare Pakistan video is not only an incident of humility, it also is an incident of shame for all of us as a society, as a nation. If we do not raise our voices now, we could be the next victim of this brutalism.

Do share it on social media and seek severe punishment for the culprits.

Umer Atiq
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