Enablers CEO Saqib Azhar Launches Clothing Brand “Posh Notch”

saqib azhar launches clothing brand posh notch

We know Saqib Azhar, the CEO and Co-Founder of Enablers. Till now, we have all known him as an Ecommerce Expert. This time around, the breaking news is not about his ongoing operations. It is about a new venture. Saqib Azhar has announced the launch of his new clothing brand “Posh Notch”.

Posh Notch- A brand by Saqib Azhar is a start-up clothing brand specializing in unique casual/semi-formal & formal clothing. As per the officials, Posh Notch is ready to set the trend in the world of fashion.

Moreover, a case study for everyone will also be available regarding ‘how to build a brand’ as Saqib Azhar has selected manufacturing units and outsourced it for quick production of his upcoming clothing collections. Currently, all the proposed products are in the production phase as they are planning to roll out soon in the market.

Here is the confirmation

The announcement was made in a grand launching ceremony held in Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore.

Here is a glimpse of what this brand is about

Qasim Ali Shah along with many other celebrities was also present at the launching ceremony. Although, most of the celebrities comprised of TikTokers but it was still a good event, having a lot of people. No Covid SOPs were followed during the ceremony. Most people were not wearing face masks. Saqib Azhar included. No social distance was maintained, it looked pretty much like a desi wedding WALIMA. I know this isn’t the topic here but people like Saqib Azhar are role models for many of us. He should have set an example instead of just going with the negative energy.

Back to the topic, Posh Notch is now live. You can get your piece by ordering online. Physical stores or outlets have not been established yet. You can also find them on all social media outlets.

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