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Two sides of a story – COVID19

Think about the positive impacts of COVID-19

This 2020 starts with a lot of challenges that we are facing till now and we are very indecisive about the end of these challenges. Nobody was aware of the virus coming in 2020 and the extent of its consequences on our lives. But now it happens and we have to face it. we are facing severe lockdown due to Corona Virus Pandemic. The whole world is facing the same problem as more than 180 countries are affected by coronavirus pandemic with about 1.6 million positive cases. This is an alarming situation for all of us. As we look back into history, we see that after every 100 years we face the same situation. Although the name of a virus or a disease may change after every 100 years the disaster caused by these viruses are on their extreme level. Just look at the pandemic since 1720:

  1.  Plague pandemic, also known as the great plague of Marseille in 1720.

100,000 people were killed by the plague virus.

  1. Cholera pandemic is also known as the first Asiatic cholera pandemic in 1820.

100,000 deaths were reported due to the cholera virus.

  1. Spanish flu in 1920.

the death rate due to Spanish flu was about 17 million to 50 million and that was the deadliest pandemic in history.

So, considering the history of these pandemics we should assume that this 2020 brings massive disaster in our lives. But this is not an end, we should think about all the perspectives related to this pandemic. There we have two situations to think about:

The first side of a story:

If we think about the negative impact of COVID-19 on our lives, obviously we may feel stress and scared about what is going to happen next. Sectors that are highly affected by coronavirus pandemic:

  • Education sector
  • Businesses
  • Stock exchange
  • Health sector
  • Agriculture sector

So, if we say the coronavirus pandemic is affecting in every sector of our life’s then it may seem not wrong. All our life activities are closed due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19. This may cause an increase in our economic issues and also a huge increase in our mental stress.

According to the latest survey domestic violence, stress rate and depression rate are increasing due to the lockdown and self-isolation.

This is all because we are only thinking about one side of a story, we are considering only the negative impact of COVID-19 that is dangerous and deadliest but we should consider the other side of a story too. You have already read most of the negative impacts of COVID-19 so in this article, we will discuss more another side of a story. Just have a look at the second situation:

The second side of a story:

The second side of a story has a positive impact on us due to COVID-19. Now you are thinking that how the coronavirus pandemic affects positively on us. Don’t take the stress. let me explain it in more detail:

  • Pollution-free Environment:

Take yourself to some years back, when we have a smaller number of factories, a smaller number of vehicles and less busy lifestyles. We were close to nature. Our environment was clean and we were facing less pollution. And do you think what’s happening now?

the coronavirus pandemic arises in Wuhan the city of china, they face lockdown. This lockdown not only causes a decrease in infected patients but according to the survey, the pollution rate in china also falls.

Not only china but all the countries infected with COVID-19 have assured a decrease in their pollution rate. Did you think about it before?

There are a huge number of cases arise every year due to diseases caused by pollution. Death rates are tremendously increasing in our polluted environment. What do we do?

just eat and throw it; we drink and throw it. we don’t use dustbins, even we don’t do simple things to avoid pollution. There are many things that we can do but we are not doing, we are the reason behind the huge increase in pollution. And now just think what COVID-19 is doing for us!

There are many things that you can do to avoid pollution. It does not mean staying at home only, leave your business and other life activities to avoid pollution. But just think about simple things you can do to avoid pollution. How can you be part of the pollution-free environment?

This is an alarm for all of us to think about the pollution-free environment. Just perform your role in decreasing pollution and cleaning the environment.


  • The decrease in Accidents:

Accident rates are decreasing due to lockdown caused by COVID-19. There were a huge number of deaths caused by accidents every year due to rush driving. Not only human beings but animals were also losing their lives due to these accidents. These accidents were scaring people and animals too. Road accidents are tremendously increasing every year. These accidents cause a severe increase in death rates. Many animals lose their life’s and no one was able to stop it.

Just think what COVID-19 does. The decrease in accident rates. Our lives are safe from accidents, animals’ lives are safe from accident.

it does not mean staying at home only. You can go for work, you can go for where ever there is a need to go somewhere, but just avoid extra traveling, avoid rush driving and just drive with proper concentration. Your lives are important and others too.


  • Increase in Air Quality:

also causes an increase in air quality. As the rate of pollution decreases with a smaller number of vehicles and less factory smokes. Air quality is also increasing. People are staying at home; the environment is not facing the extensive release of smoke and pollution. That is not only advantageous for human beings but also favorable for animals. Animal lives are now more secure. Wildlife is breathing in a quality air, pollution-free environment. Many diseases rate that is caused by the dirty environment and polluted air now fall. But on the other side, we are safe.


  • Climate Change:

COVID-19 has another positive impact on us. As we all know climate was changing rapidly due to pollution and other severe causes. But due to COVID-19 climate change worse effect is decreasing. People’s exposure is less nowadays and we are facing less pollution. So just think about how our simple steps can stop climate change. As we know climate change has a worse effect on us. We can stop these worse effects by just stop polluting the environment.

  • Give time to your family:

Another positive impact of COVID-19 is that we are giving time to our families. Our kids, our elders all need our time. Due to our busy lifestyles, we are going away from our families. We have no time for them, and there is going to be harmful to our happiness too. This lockdown causes us to stay at home and spend time with our families. This will bring real happiness back to us that was missing before.

So, here we have two sides of a story, one side is a negative impact and the other one is the positive impact of COVID-19. We have to consider both sides of a story to understand the real impact of COVID-19. We have to avoid the things that we were doing before. Although coronavirus pandemic is a serious issue and has a worse effect on our lives. But we should think about how we can compete with this disaster and what we have to do afterward.

You know the precautions to avoid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Just use them and think positively. Think about other wild lives that were in danger because of us. Think about the huge pollution caused by us. Think about other lives that were maybe in danger because of us.

You are a part of this society and you should play your role in a clean environment. Make your home your streets and your country pollution-free. Think about the positive impact of COVID-19 and try to adopt these simple things you can do to save your lives, other lives and later on your future generation from climate change.

So just stop taking the stress and giving space to negativity. Think positively and try to do something productive that what your environment wants from you. Start doing healthy activities at your home, start from now. So, whenever this lockdown ends, the environment remains clean.

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