First Transgender School Opens in Multan – Ground Breaking Stuff

First Transgender School in Multan

The first transgender school opens in Multan today. This is a piece of excellent news. The education minister of Punjab, Murad Raas vows to open schools for transgenders in all districts of Punjab. The decision was taken after the government opposed the idea of enrolling transgenders in regular schools. Why? In order to avoid probable inappropriate behavior from the other students.

Transgenders can be seen everywhere on the roads in every city. We have seen that most of them are beggars or dancers. Particularly because society does not accept them in any other form. This initiative by the Punjab Government is appreciable. It will not only allow the transgender community to grow, but it will also help in changing the minds of other sexes.

One thing that we would like to suggest to the government is to make sure that these schools are run as per standards. We have seen initiatives previously as well, we have seen ghost schools in Sindh and Balochistan as well, we have seen how initiatives are put into the dark after some time. We would like to request the honorable minister of education Punjab Mr. Murad Raas to please make sure that this happens, that too with a high standard.

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Readers of Investinpak, I urge you to please share this news and spread some positivity. Do let people know that transgenders too are a part of our society. It is not their fault that they are born this way. I urge you all to please let everyone be aware of the fact that every human life matters, everyone deserves an equal chance. Let us also appreciate the positive initiatives taken by the PTI government and taking care of the ones that were previously ignored.

This transgender school opening in Lahore is happy news. Let us all share it with people who care.

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