Top Ten YouTube Channels for Graphic Designers

These YouTube channels are absolutely important if you are a graphic designer

Graphics Designing is all about creativity and ideas. If you want to become a professional creative designer then you have to learn how to become more creative. As we know no one is perfect. But we can try to become perfect in our profession. More Ideas you will get more you will come to know about graphic design. For learning, you need some platforms where you can get ideas. Here we have the list of Top 10 YouTube channels, to increase your graphic skills.

Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best YouTube channels to learn about graphic design. It’s all about photoshop. You will come to know the tips, tools, and everything about photoshop. With about 450,000 subscribers Adobe Photoshop is engaging more people toward graphic design. Photoshop is a central tool to learn about graphic design. Adobe Photoshop is providing tutorials and help for both beginners and professionals.


PHLearn is another best YouTube channel to learn about graphic design. The channel includes a team of experts in graphic who teach you everything about graphic design. With over 1.86 million subscribers PHLearn is engaging more people toward graphic design. There are mind-blowing photoshop tutorials on the channel. PHLearn provides you the best way to learn photoshop in less time.


GFXMentor is one of the best Youtube channels for graphic design. Imran Ali Dina will help you in learning every single concept of graphic design. The channel now has 580,000 subscribers. You will learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and a lot more in a single channel with great detail. GFXMentor is providing great help for those who want to learn graphic design. No worries if you are a beginner in graphic, after subscribing to the channel you will learn a lot about graphic. The channel not only has tutorials about graphic design but also tips about freelancing. You will get to know more ideas and skills.


PIXIMPERFECT the youtube channel by Unmesh Dinda is known as one of the best Youtube Channel for graphic design. Unmesh has cleared every single concept for graphic design in his tutorials. The channel PIXIMPERFECT has provided complete and detailed tutorials for beginners. Not only beginners, but PIXIMPERFECT also helps professionals in graphic design to learn more. The PIXIMPERFECT with over 2.04 Million subscribers teaching the world about graphic design. If you want to learn Photoshop with such great detail, then go for the YouTube channel PIXIMPERFECT.

Will Paterson:

Will Paterson is a famous graphic designer. You will learn everything about graphic design on his channel. Will Paterson YouTube channel will teach you everything about graphic including logo design, branding, illustration, and a lot more. Another good thing about Will Paterson is that he adds humor in all his videos. To grab more audience attention, I think it is the best way. Your concepts get clearer if you are more engaged with something you are learning. Will Paterson YouTube channel have 378,000 subscribers who are loving the tutorials for graphic.


Dansky is another best Youtube channel for learning graphic design. Dan White is a professional graphic designer. If you want to learn every concept of graphic in such detail, then go for Dansky. There we have tutorials about different graphic software, used to enhance our graphic skills. On Dansky we will go to learn a lot more about graphic concepts. The detailed tutorials about graphic tools, make you an expert in your graphic skills. If you are a beginner, then you will learn everything about graphic design, including UI designs in complete detail. The channel has 519,000 Subscribers.

Zimri Mayfield:

Zimri Mayfield is one of the best YouTube channels for learning graphic design. There you get the complete detailed tutorials about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator. The Zimri Mayfield channel will help you getting inspiring ideas and designing something more creative. The Zimri Mayfield YouTube channel will provide you the perfect tutorials about branding, logo designing, texturing, and a lot more. Go for the channel Zimri Mayfield and grab more creative ideas. Zimri Mayfield YouTube channel includes 403,000 subscribers.


DesignCourse is another best Youtube channel for graphic designers. The YouTube channel run by Gray, teaches you everything about the graphic. The DesignCourse YouTube channel includes a complete and detailed tutorial for different courses of graphic design. You can not only learn graphic design but also it goes on for front end development. Gray teaches you everything from graphic designing to web development. If you want to learn graphic design along with web development, then DesignCourse is a full academy. You can get complete courses here for graphic design as well as for web development. The DesignCourse YouTube channel has 571,000 subscribers till now.

Every Tuesday:

Teela Cunnigham a professional graphic designer runs a youtube channel known as Every Tuesday. One of the best YouTube channels for graphic design. You can get detailed tutorials about Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and a lot more. There you get complete learning about graphic design. All new videos are posted a single day of the week, Tuesday. Every Tuesday you can learn everything about graphic design. You can get great learning of lettering from Teela Cunnigham. The YouTube channel Every Tuesday has 253,000 subscribers.

Rajeev Mehta:

One of the best YouTube channels for learning Graphic design. Rajeev Mehta has great designing sense. You will learn a lot about colors and designs by subscribing to his YouTube Channel. If you want to learn Photoshop in detail with more creative ideas then Rajeev Mehta is the best suit. With over 261,000 subscribers, Rajeev Mehta is inspiring more people for his graphic tutorials.

That’s not all. There is a lot more to learn about. Graphic design is full of creativity and ideas. You can explore more if you want so. Just get in touch and ready to learn more. We have remarkable inspiring ideas, people and graphic work to blow our minds.

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