SEO Tips and Tricks: Why SEO is Important for Your Business

SEO tips and tricks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy and technique that is used to increase website position on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. A top SEO Strategy can help generate more traffic to your website as well as grow your revenues and sales. To get started for your SEO strategy development, you need to understand the search metrics of Google for ranking different websites on the internet. These SEO tips and tricks are helpful for your business.

The main objective of a search engine is to provide accurate results that provide information related to your business. For achieving this objective, search engines find out appropriate information online and rank them in a specific order based on quality and significance. Hundreds of factors are involved when a website gets ranked on Google or any other search engine. Search Engines are capable of analyzing large pieces of data within 0.5 seconds. The methods you use for optimizing your website can directly affect your SEO Ranking. The following elements like Meta description, H1 Tags, keyword density, permalinks and backlinks are used to boost your ranking. Consider these SEO tips and tricks to get going with your online business or to get more sales on your offline business.

  • H1 Tags (How to optimize H1 Tags)

H1 is the larger header which is used in the title of your content. H1 is the main title of your content like the H1 for this article is “Why SEO is Important for Your Business – SEO Tips and Tricks“ The keywords in an H1 tag are used to surface on Google search results when someone searches for the same. Just make sure H1 Tag must be relevant to the keywords that you want to show up on Google search results. Never use H1 tag twice on one page. Use it once and use it effectively.

  • Keyword Density

The number of times the keyword appears on your website as compared to the total number of words on that page. Keywords should be mentioned in both H (heading) Tags and body of content. While including your keywords, don’t overstuff your content. Google also consider the use of synonym keywords as well. 0.5% should be the maximum concentration of your primary keyword. Your other keywords that we previously called synonyms should only be used to support the tone and flow of your content. Another replacement or an SEO tip for better keyword density would be to use multiple long tail keywords. These keywords are relatively longer and are more effective at times. You can easily rank for long tail keywords as opposed to the shorter keywords.

  • Meta Description

The description which you provide in <Meta> html tag is called the Meta description. Optimizing the Meta description is crucial for on-page SEO. The Meta description should include keywords that are used to target your audience. The most recent update of Google has started a debate on the length of a meta description, it was previously set to be at a maximum length of 160 characters. There are some SEO Experts who say that the latest update has allowed this length to reach up to 350 characters, which is also correct as shown in some of the search results on Google. So, to have a better view of this debate and get to a conclusion, read this.

  • Permalinks

Permalinks are very important for improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and for the structure of your website. For higher ranking on Google, it is beneficial to include your keywords in your permalinks. If you are using WordPress then you can easily find plugins such as YOAST to get an optimized permalink for every article. The SEO tip for this particular technique is to use your complete keyword or at least some of it in your permalink.

  • Backlinks – The backbone of your SEO Strategy

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. The more backlinks you have, the higher you can rank with your keywords. The source of your backlinks plays an important role in ranking, the bigger the source you use for backlinks like Forbes, NY Times more chance you have for higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS). Never buy backlinks from websites as it is not a good practice and is not recommended. One high DA backlink is better than thousands of low DA backlinks. For example, if you want to get ranked for a keyword “Top Software Houses” then consider this strategy. See who is ranked on the first page of Google against your keyword. Use MOZ to determine their domain authority (DA). Once this is done, find relevant websites with a DA higher than your competitor’s and get some backlinks from them. You will see how quickly you beat them and get on top.

In order to rank on top of search results, you need to continuously update SEO strategy as it is not an overnight process. With the advancement of technology, the search engines also adapt to changes, so you also need to stay updated regarding SEO Algorithms that tell how to rank your website. Majority of business owners want their website to be ranked on top in order to drive more traffic and to increase revenue.

Search Engine Optimization can take you from scratch to top. There are multiple businesses that can be referenced to prove this fact. Every business needs a healthy Return on Investment (ROI). Considering the return a good SEO strategy can provide, you can confidently invest in this strategy. In order to find some of the top SEO experts in Pakistan, you can click here.

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