14-Year-Old Pakistani Boy Invents Internet Powered Geyser Enabled

14-Year-Old Pakistani Boy Invents Internet Powered Geyser Enabled

Huzair Awan, the 14-year-old IT genius who is also the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), is behind the invention. He says the geyser is controlled by two sensors – one produces an electric spark to ignite the flame while the other monitors the temperature and controls the flow of gas. The geyser saves energy as it runs on both gas and the internet. This geyser saves up to 50 percent energy as it is IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled.

Unlike a normal geyser, this IoT geyser automatically turns off while the temperature of the water touches the required level and then turns on again once the water starts getting cold. Though it is pretty normal in many geysers these days however controlling it via the internet is a new thing.

Awan, who is also a public speaker, says the prototype was an experiment to see if the idea could work. He says it has the potential for commercial production.

Awan had made history when he broke Arfa Kareem’s record when he cleared the MCITP exam at the tender age of seven.

The 14-year-old invented said that the geyser is easy to manufacture and doesn’t cost much either. He also said that the one he made is only an experiment to see if the idea works or not. However, he also claims that there is a possibility of manufacturing the IoT run geyser on a commercial level.

Huzair Awan broke the record of being the youngest Microsoft certified professional set by Arfa Kareem at the age of 7 years and has since won many IT-related awards.

Though we would be waiting to see more details on how energy efficient this geyser is, we would still be among the ones who are appreciating this young guy who has taken the initiative. Which is the most important right now. What are your thoughts?

Umer Atiq
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