Online earning in Pakistan – Myths and Realities – Dos and Don’ts

The status of online earning in Pakistan

Online earning in Pakistan is still a myth for many. It is, however, a reality that has proved itself on many levels. The reason why people do not trust the ways of online earning in Pakistan is the number of scammers looting innocent people. We see a bunch of people trying to fool the commoners in the name of high returns via online jobs. This article aims at clarifying the myths and identifying the solid ways of online earning in Pakistan.

online earning in Pakistan
online earning in Pakistan

Online earning in Pakistan

What to avoid when trying to earn online?

There is no such thing as clicking on the ads brainlessly and earning hundreds of dollars daily. Anybody telling you an easy and fast way of earning online in Pakistan is trying to snatch the few bucks you have in your wallet. Stop following the fake links that say become a millionaire overnight. If such methods existed then nobody would have wanted to work 9 to 6 to earn hard cash. Nobody is a fool to work in hard conditions to earn just enough amount for survival. People would have embarked on these links that advertise easy ways of earning online in Pakistan.

Just imagine, if one could have earned hundreds of dollars by clicking on a few links or filling some forms, why would the same people be working so hard to make you click. Why wouldn’t they do it themselves instead? Would I be writing this article had such a way existed? Nooo!

So, that raises another point. Let’s get to that now.

What are the real ways of online earning in Pakistan?

There are multiple ways of online earning in Pakistan. I am talking about the real ones. I am enlisting a few below.

  • Providing your services on freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Peopleperhour.
  • Contacting people on social and professional networks to provide the services you excel in.
  • Writing and managing your own blog.
  • Creating a YouTube channel and posting real content.

I have explained most of these ways in another post. Check this one Online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment.

If you do not have any skills, here is what you can do.

It is quite possible that you have skills but are unable to identify them. It is also possible that there are hazards that stop you from pursuing your skills. For example, I know a very talented lady who sings extremely well. She wanted to create her own YouTube channel but the family did not allow her. I have seen some guys who can act really well and create some funny videos but they do not have the few bucks to buy a decent camera and could not even afford an internet connection.

These are the cases that really make me sad. However, keep in mind that the world is full of people who traveled from nothing to everything. Take an example of Jack Ma, the owner of Ali Baba, he was a poor guy and could not afford college. Indian PM Narindra Moodi had a tea stall. Rajni Kant used to sell tickets outside a Cinema. Malala was a poor kid from a tribe that disallows women to go in public.

Look for Abdul Wali, a former biryani vendor who now earns more than 10 millions a year by teaching online. Not taking into account the rest of the small businesses he is doing.

The point is, it does not matter how bigger your problems are, what matters is that how strong you are to face your problems. You can learn as many skills via YouTube as you want. You are reading this article right? I am teaching you the real ways to earn online right? The same way, there are hundreds of thousands of people on YouTube and on the websites who are teaching skills that are in high demand. There are skills that do not require a university degree or prior technical knowledge. There are skills that you can learn with steady effort. It all comes down to the point whether you are committed enough to fight your ghosts. Consequently, it comes down to the point whether you are strong enough to face the troubles that come in anybody’s way who try to achieve the higher ranks.

Good things are not easy to get. If they were easy, they would not be attractive.


If you need further help, you can contact me via email or leave your comments below. I will respond to your queries. Cheers!

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