Neha’s journey from an ordinary girl to a professional chef

neha from ordinary cook to a chef

In the town wherever most of the women don’t seem to be allowed to figure with men in a corporation, Neha Naz is that woman who lived his dream to become a cook and alone cook in one among the highest restaurants in the city.

She shares the space with twenty alternative male colleagues.

23 years old Neha has been trained as a knowledgeable cook beneath workplace-based coaching.

The coaching project has funded by the govt. of the European nation, Germany and Norway and therefore the international organization beneath the TVET Sector Support Program and offered by Karachi Institute of Culinary Arts in 2019

Neha shared that to become a cook was my childhood dream and that I am thus glad that my dream came true.

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After receiving coaching of six months Neha participated in a world change of state competition control in a metropolis and Asian country and won the ribbon in Thailand and medal in the metropolis.

She secured the membership of the elite Young chef Club of Pakistan.

She shared

“The cook coaching has not solely enabled me to use by one among Karachi’s fashionable restaurants, however, I actually have conjointly managed to grab 2 international awards within the field of my coaching,”

She verified that if your goals square measure high and you’re determined to attain those goals and place your mind and heart there to then you’ll be able to achieve it.

She pursued her dreams at the age of twenty-three to become a cook with International action awards.

Kuddos to Karachi Institute of Culinary Arts for providing such opportunities to find out and grow in calling and giving their student the most effective coaching to realize their dreams.

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