Former Sri Lankan cricketer and commentator shows love for Karachi student Biryani

Former Sri Lankan cricketer and commentator shows love for Karachi student Biryani

There is no doubt that Pakistan has always been globally famous for its tasty food and diverse culture.

This time the former Sri Lankan cricketer and commentator tweeted about Pakistan’s Karachi Biryani. As for local food is concerned he knows about the city whether it’s Karachi or Rawalpindi and their food from student biryani to famous savor pulao.

He was on a tour to Pakistan for the series of matches between Pakistan and Sri Lanka and in his tweet, he phrases Karachi biryani and said “Great to be back in Karachi.

I am told it is the Biryani Capital of the world? true

He seems to be a food lover, in the response to his tweet fans were delighted and asked him to try some other desi foods of Pakistan.

Former cricketer fellow Faisal Iqbal asked Arnold to must try BBQ in Karachi.

He shared pictures on twitter while eating Karachi student biryani.

A plate on the lap while working is the most Pakistani way of eating Biryani and Russel did the same, a plate of biryani that too in the cricket ground.

Earlier Sri Lankan team was in Rawalpindi for their first test match but unfortunately, match being washed out because of rain.

While Russell’s stay in Rawalpindi he asked Pindi boys to help him to decide whether he should eat Maamun Burger or famous savor food.

Fans and Pindi boys went crazy over his tweet and his twitter was loaded with a huge response and memes.

He also tried BBQ and shared a picture on Twitter as well. He really enjoyed his stay in Pakistan and especially desi food.

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