Famous Turkish ice cream man flew all the way from Turkey to Pakistan

Famous Turkish ice cream man

The festive season kicks off with many meals, a variety of food stalls, colors, games, and music performances at Soul fest 2019 and Innovative Buttercrunch bring the famous Turkish ice-cream man to Pakistan.

Innovative Butter Crunch Stall at Soul Fest came up with an innovative idea like their name that has never been done before in Pakistan.

Innovative Buttercrunch brings the famous Turkish ice cream man in Pakistan and brought a special treat for all people who were approaching their stall and weren’t left disappointed at all.

Soul fest 2019 was held in Lake Metropolis city Lahore and a huge number of people participated in the Soul fest 2019.

We all are aware of the famous Turkish Ice-cream man who used to amaze his customers and entertain everyone in fits of laughter with his tricks and pranks.

He was in Pakistan for the first time and everyone at the festival queued up to get a glimpse of Turkish man with the ice cream and his antics and pranks.

People had to buy a pack of innovative butter crunch and then they get their free ice cream as a treat.

People also got a taste of pure Turkish ice cream, “Dondurma”, which is a little different from western and ordinary ice cream and loved the taste of ice cream along with delicious innovative buttercrunch at the stall.

Turkish ice cream guy dressed up in a royal costume and people on the stall posed with props like swords and crowns at the throne at a royalty-themed photo booth and truly got the experience of royalty.

The fun part is that the ice cream guy keeps on ticking the visitors that they will grab the ice cream from his hand but eventually it didn’t happen for some time. It is not less than a battle to get ice cream from him.

From a kid to adult everyone enjoyed grabbing ice cream from Turkish ice cream man’s hand and also laughed at his pranks and different tricks. He spread joy and happiness among the visitors.

Kuddos to Innovative biscuits who came up with an innovative idea to bring the famous Turkish ice cream man to Pakistan and give people a chance to enjoy the viral Turkish ice cream craze and pranks in Pakistan with the same famous Turkish ice cream guy.

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