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safa gold mall food court

Following the gold and blue theme, the Safa Gold Mall is another beautiful architecture of Islamabad. It is less crowded as compared to the Centaurus Mall. It has outlets of famous national and international brands, a fun arcade for kids and teens, a swimming pool, a skating court, a food court and much more. The food court of Safa gold mall also has some unique restaurants and cafes that do not have any other branch in Islamabad. The food court is smaller as compared to that of the Centaurus mall but has still managed to make every kind of food available. It is situated on the 7th floor of the Safa gold Mall. The restaurants serve American, Desi, continental, fast food, Italian, and desserts. The Safa Mall provides the best convenience to the people who have been shopping all day long, to rejuvenate and enjoy their favorite restaurants. These are the best eateries in the Safa gold mall food court.

safa gold mall food court
Safa gold mall

The Safa Gold mall food court.

Best Desi Food Restaurants

Namak Mandi, Safa gold mall Islamabad

namak mandi restaurant in islamabad
Namak Mandi

Namak Mandi is a traditional Desi restaurant that brings the taste of Peshawar to Islamabad. It mainly serves beef/chicken barbeque, karahi and a variety of pulao. It is famous because of its Namak Mandi Thaals that include beef and chicken bbq with Kaabli pulao and offers 2, 4, 6, 8, and even 28 person also provides a traditional environment to the customers.

Daal Chawal, Safa gold mall Islamabad

dal chawal restaurant in islamabad
Daal Chawal

Daal Chawal is an amazing desi restaurant that offers you a huge variety of daals. It allows you to customize your Daal Chawal platter by choosing the daal, Tarka, salad, and sauce of your choice from the station. One can even add chicken kebabs to their platter. It is definitely the best spot for Daal Chawal lovers.

Rewayat Restaurant, Safa gold mall Islamabad


rewayat restaurant - safa gold mall food court

The truck art-themed restaurant, Rewayat is another famous desi restaurant of Islamabad that serves mouthwatering desi dishes at highly affordable prices. It serves all kinds of desi food including biryani, bbq, karahi, handi, pulao, etc. Its Mughlai handis are the most famous. They are delicious and are served with Roghni naan and raita. The theme of the restaurant is so beautiful that it never fails to catch the eye of any person passing by and compels him to give it a try, at least once.


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Best Italian Restaurants

Couch Potato, Safa gold mall Islamabad

couch potato restaurant in islamabad
couch potato

The couch potato is an Italian/Mexican restaurant that serves you a whole range of baked potatoes, kinds of pasta and desserts. It is actually famous for its yummiest ever baked potatoes served with fries. You can have them in breakfast lunch or dinner and are enough to satisfy your hunger.

Angelos La Cucina, Safa gold mall food court Islamabad

Angelos La Cucina
Angelos La Cucina

Angelos La Cucina is a well-appreciated Italian restaurant situated in Safa mall food court. Its pasta, Panini and lasagna are mouthwatering. Its taste is scrumptious. The environment is calm and the service really good.

Best Chinese Food Restaurants

Kim Mun Chinese restaurant, Safa gold mall FOOD COURT Islamabad

kim mun restaurant - safa gold mall food court
Kim mun

Kim Mun is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Islamabad. It has the most reputed name in Pakistani Chinese restaurants. It is a regular Chinese option for many Islamabadians. It provides a perfect Chinese environment for the people. The taste and quality of the food are excellent and the service is good.

Best Thai Food Restaurants

Sam’s Grill, Safa gold mall Islamabad

sam's grill
sam’s grill

Expect amazing in every bite!

It is a renowned Thai restaurant. It never compromises on the quality of food and service. It serves steaks, burgers, sandwiches, fries and grilled items.

Best Fast Food Restaurants

Mc Donald’s, Safa gold mall Islamabad

mcdonalds - safa gold mall food court

Mc Donald’s has always been a favorite place for families and student squads to hang out. It is a fast-food restaurant. It’s probably the most affordable yet tasty eatery in the town. Its ice-creams shakes and meal combos are to die for. It also provides a peaceful environment for its customers.

Best Dessert Bars

King’s Creamery, Safa gold mall Islamabad

kings creamery
kings creamery

King’s Creamery is an international ice cream shop. It serves delicious ice-cream rolls, scoops, and frozen yogurts. Ice cream rolls are made live on the station and you can customize them with your choice of sprinklers.

Cold Stone Creamery, Safa gold mall Islamabad

Cold Stone Creamery - safa gold mall food court
Cold Stone Creamery

We don’t just serve ice cream, we serve happiness!

Cold stone is another international ice cream parlor that believes in delivering truly extraordinary taste to its customers. It serves ice cream, shakes, smoothies and ice cream cakes.

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