A Stray Mother Cat In Turkey Brings Her Kitten To The Hospital

A stray mother cat in Turkey surprised many people when she brought her baby into the Emergency Room of a hospital.

She brought her baby to a place that she knew could help, the local hospital. And the medics rush to help them.

Photos of the loving mother carrying her sick kitten in her mouth as she entered the emergency room have gone viral.

Merve Özcan from Istanbul, Turkey was the guy who took photos and posted on twitter.

Ozcan was worried about her father, a recovering COVID-19 patient who was there for a follow-up test.

But the tense moment was instantly erased by the little animal and her baby.

He said that the cat knew exactly where she was going.“It was obvious that the mama cat knew where to go.”

In the photos share on Twitter, a baby kitten is seen carried by its mama to the hospital’s emergency room.

“Today we were in the emergency room of the hospital when a stray cat rushed to bring her kitten in her mouth”. Merve Özcan, who originally shared the photos, wrote.

“I was very surprised when I saw a cat carrying her kitten to the hospital because she seemed to know the hospital better than me,”

“The medical staff was also very happy to see the cat and little kitten went to them and loved and cared for them,”

Özcan further added, “I think it was a cat that employees already know, and there were people who saw it there before.”

The Twitter user also shared another photo that showcases the paramedics rushing over to help.

The worried mama cat could be seen carrying her kitten poorly.

Medics checking the kitten while the mother cat watches

Stray Mother Cat in Turkey
Stray Mother Cat in Turkey

The medics get involved instantly and checked the baby kitten for health issues.

According to the doctors, the mother cat was following her baby around and did not let it out of her sight for a second.

Thankfully, the cat was not looking for medical care and her kitten appeared healthy.

The mother had simply figured out where to go for some milk and pets.

After giving the kitten a quick checkup, the staff directed the cat to a veterinarian hospital just to be safe. However, the cat seemed hesitant to leave her caretakers.

Thousands of people over social media shared the pictures of a mother cat and her kitten. Many people retweeted and more than 83 thousand people like it.

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Stray cats are common in Turkey and often fed by their locals.

However, due to the pandemic, the restaurants are closed and stray animals have been struggling as well.

Local authorities have been advised by the Turkish government to step up in feeding stray cats and dogs to keep people off the streets.

No matter how busy doctors are right now due to the pandemic. They’re happy to help anyone who walks through the door just like they help stray mother cat in Turkey.

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