Reham khan talked about her sex life with Imran Khan

reham khan sex life with imran khan

Reham khan has been a controversial figure since past few years due to her allegations on the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Though, she had been talking about a bad sexual performance of her first husband, in this interview with Waqar Zaka, she claimed that her former husband was better in bed.

Waqar Zaka claimed that he asked this question so Reham Khan could be exposed and that nobody else would talk about such a thing in TV shows. Waqar succeeded to some extent as Reham clearly lied once again and then left the interview when Waqar got back to her with her previous allegations. 

In this interview, Reham told Waqar that her first husband was better in bed as compared to her second husband, Imran Khan.

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In many ways, the words of Reham reflect her true nature and brought up. She could easily have skipped the question but instead, she chose to respond and the response was as ugly as one could only expect from a lady like Reham.

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We live in a country where women are considered pious and are expected to use parliamentary language in any and every venue. Rehma Khan disagrees with the notion and has spoken about her sex life multiple times in many interviews including writing about it in her Book of Lies.

Only that this time around, the opponent was Waqar Zaka who himself is known for the bold way of talking and thus he grabbed Reham by the neck by his counter questions. This is when Reham realized that it was time to flee. She left without facing what came from Waqar Zaka’s counter questions.

Though the interview was not totally about Reham’s sex life but these lines went viral immediately and the hashtags #RehamKhanMafiMango started trending on Twitter. I bet that Reham would be pleased as cheap publicity has always been her thing.

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