Fight against Coronavirus in Pakistan: doctHERs and Oladoc join Forces

Fight against Coronavirus in Pakistan: doctHERs and Oladoc join Forces

Pakistan’s leading digital healthcare providers, doctHERs and Oladoc have teamed up to help Pakistan to combat deadly Coronavirus.

Both these creative and resourceful companies now provide free access to specialized digital content about COVID-19.

Online consultation from qualified doctors via video link is accessible and it will help people in the need of the hour.

Using one of the advance telemedicine expertise available in Pakistan, patients are able to consult with qualified doctors at any time.

They can easily access quality medical assistance by just joining the Facebook group  Coronavirus- doctor consultation & health tips which is specifically created to help patients affected with COVID-19.

This digital facility will instantly respond to various healthcare needs of the public.

DoctHERs provides free video consultation and special assistance to the patient in need with PMDC-certified physician-managed healthcare professionals.

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Less than a week after this digital consultation platform is launched, this digital community has amassed more than fifty thousand members and patients from all over the country who are seeking diagnosis and assessment for additional procedures.

This digital consultation enterprise has the full support of doctors and volunteers.

Doctors and volunteers of this public service community responding to different queries of more than 1500 patients a day.

This partnership helped and benefited more than seven million people with five million views on YouTube only.

Their content is based on coronavirus awareness and with five million views on YouTube, they gain popularity on Facebook as well with 100,000 views on live sessions and 20,000 sessions among others.

The CEO od doctHERs Mr. Khaqan Sikander said :

“doctHERs is pleased to take this resourceful initiative, for the wellbeing of the common people, while it also aims to ease the burden on frontline doctors, medical staff during the Corona crisis. We have a special commitment to alleviate the suffering of the poorest and the elderly, who are worst affected by this global pandemic.

Currently, we have shifted our strategy to eliminate the worries of the Pakistanis, who need consultation for the coronavirus, while they must not leave home. We are thankful to oladoc for working cohesively with our team to serve the people of Pakistan.”

The CEO of oladoc – Abid Zuberi said:

“Oladoc has a noble mission to make healthcare accessible to everyone. We’re glad to have this opportunity of serving the masses through a revolutionary digital platform, designed to help win the fight against this pandemic and help the nation overcome the limitations of our health infrastructure.

Capitalizing on the strengths of doctHERs as our partner, we will ensure Free clinical health-services, with a humanitarian spirit.”

doctHERs and Oladoc are bringing quality healthcare for the people of Pakistan and physicians and specialists are there 24/7 to answer clinical queries of patients.

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Pakistanis are bonding together in charitable work to fight against COVID-19


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