Last Episode of Ruswai, remind us something special

ruswai drama

This week Drama Serial Ruswai came to its end. The Drama Serial was presented by ARY Digital with a powerful cast including Sana Javed as a leading role of “Sameera”. The drama was based on the Gang rape story. Sana Javed in the role of Sameera did it really well. In the drama Ruswai, “Sameera” was shown as a Doctor and a beloved daughter. Sameera was in a relationship of “watta satta”, where her husband was a brother of her own brothers’ wife.

Sameera’s husband was Mikaal Zulfiqar as “Salman”. The incident of Gang rape occurs when Sameera and her brother’s wife were celebrating a birthday party in a restaurant. The situation goes worse when they came outside, some drunken boys attacked Sameera and get her into the car. Sameera’s father can save only one out of both, so he saves his daughter-in-law rather than his own daughter.

The drunken boys brutally raped Sameera and throw away her body. The next day Sameera’s body was found by a sweeper, who safely take Sameera to her home. There the story began for justice against violence. Sameera’s family didn’t allow her to register a rape case against the criminals. They forced Sameera to get married to Salman. After marriage, Salman’s behavior was not the same. All goes changed in Sameera’s life. Salman blames Sameera for all the mishaps and the situation goes worsen. After all, Salman started physically abusing Sameera.

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Sameera was a victim of gang rape and now also a victim of domestic violence. But that’s not the end. She makes herself strong to deal with the situation that was not in favor of her yet. Now she was in a stage where her husband was giving her divorce, there was no reason left for her to live, the only was justice.

Then she decided to register the rape case against the criminals. The police said that the criminals were strong enough, no one can arrest them. Sameera said that she will fight until she sees the rapists in jail. Sameera seems strong enough to fight for her justice. The media was already involved at that time. At the end of the Drama Ruswai games got changed. One of the rapists comes to kill Sameera, but Salman the x-husband of Sameera saves her from dying and got injured by the bullet of rapist. Salman got died, but Sameera’s struggle comes true.

Sameera got justice for not only herself but for many of those who are unable to fight for their justice. Sameera speaks for many women who are brutally raped by these kinds of powerful drunken boys or by someone else. All women are not like Sameera to fight for justice, or our society does not allow us to speak against injustice.

Drama serial Ruswai ends with the message of success of Sameera for justice in case of her gang rape, the other thing was Mukhtara’n Mai comes along to strongly convey the message to society. The message was about fighting for justice. Mukhtara’n Mai is an iconic personality to fight against justice. There are still many stories in our society that are hidden. We have to find them; we have to make strong rules against violence. Rape cases are not acceptable, the rapist should be punished in a way that no other rapist comes forward to spoil innocent life.

Ruswai with a victory for justice got high ratings due to their marvelous story and acting skills. This is a drama you all must have to watch. Ruswai shows it really well, how our society treats such victims of rape. This is a story of a fight from gang rape to justice.