Hum Style Awards 2021 Recap – Oh My God!

hum style awards 2021
hum style awards 2021

Hum Style Awards 2021 just went viral on the internet, that too, for a bad reason. People immediately started talking about the dresses (mainly because of the western aspiration of most dresses worn by celebrities) and memers got to work as well.

Let’s start talking about the dressing sense by watching the first video

Some called it Haloween instead of hum style awards.

So, apparently, no one is talking about who won what. The debate has totally gone the other way, everyone is talking about who wore what. The hum style awards 2021 also remained a topic of discussion among many political groups as the netizens started Quoting what PM Imran Khan has said about clothing in the past week.

This guy had a different name for the hum style awards

Another snap from the #HumStyleAwards that is circulating on the internet


That being said, I am sure that many would also be defending the outfits as it is a personal choice. There is no doubt that it is. What are your thoughts on this?

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