Fun Time With Abeera Khan – This Fantastic Girl is Breaking All Grounds in Lahore

fun time with abeera khan

Fun Time With Abeera Khan is the show that this brilliant lady runs on YouTube. I was so impressed by the conduct of this anchor and the audience that I had to write this article. Trust me, if you are a girl, you will be feeling proud after reading this article. If you are a boy, you will appreciate the strength of this girl, or should I call her a woman?

Alright now, Lahore is a city of amazing people. Abeera runs this roadshow, mostly in Lahore, asks people interesting questions and tries to have a light conversation with them. The lady has also visited other cities including Faisalabad to conduct her shows.

Abeera started her career in media by creating short musical videos on some of the well-known applications. She used to post these videos on social media sites. Unfortunately, she was not very successful in that venture. It was the idea of this roadshow in the streets of Lahore that gave her an amazing boost.

Fun time with Abeera Khan is the idea that changed her life. Tell you what buddies, she is just getting started…

abeera khan biography
Isn’t she beautiful?

Abeera now runs a full-fledged YouTube roadshow and is highly appreciated by the audience within Pakistan and also in India. As we speak, she has crossed 60k subscribers in less than 4 months. Would you like to pay her a visit? Follow this link road show with Abeera Khan.

If you are a woman and are thinking about starting your career in the media, you have a lot to learn from Abeera Khan. Not only that she has earned her self a fortune, but she has also built a reputation that is more than enough for her to be a prominent host in the mainstream channels. I bet you will see her on a TV channel very soon. Mark my words on this date. You will know why people consult me for their businesses 🙂

As you will go through her videos, you will see the professionalism she carries with her during the shows. There is a theme to be a part of her shows and it bounds everyone to call her “Baji, Behen or Sister” and return she calls then Payen (Brother). This respectful theme has been appreciated by her audience. Moreover, the show brings fun and humor in a conventional way.

Another specialty of her YouTube show is that it is based on the PUNJABI language. We know there is a good number of YouTubers who are already pretty popular creating their videos in URDU language. Abeera can be called a Pioneer of Punjabi YouTubers considering the one-man army theory. By the one-man army, I mean that she is not backed by a mainstream news channel or a popular media agency. Fun time with Abeera Khan is live and kicking because of this one girl, though the helping crew is doing the regular job, I am not dishonoring them either.

Would you like to know more about Abeera Khan? I will be writing Abeera Khan Biography pretty soon. Stay tuned to watch her live interview and biography.

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