Hareem Shah’s Husband’s Name? She Revealed He is “a lot older”

hareem shah husband name

Looking for Hareem Shah’s Husband’s Name? Welcome to the club (exclude me please). I would rather not name the club, it may sound ugly. It has been a week now. The debate about hareem shah’s wedding is everywhere on social media, TikTok, and YouTube. Did I skip the mainstream media, particularly morning shows (wanted to write shoes instead, that sounded quite similar)?

Ok, at least we know one thing now. Hareem Shah’s husband is a lot older than her. Are you surprised? I don’t know. What else do we know about the wedding of this celebrity (sorry, had to say that. everyone is saying so). We know that her husband is a famous PPP leader. We know that she would soon go on a trip to turkey with him.

Time to talk about the cover photo, don’t get excited. I picked it up from her Instagram profile. Why? Pictures and videos with this ‘older than Hareem Shah’ dude were posted all over Hareem’s profile in early 2021. I thought that sooner or later, she’ll reveal her marriage(or partnership?). Was I right then? Or am I wrong now? I don’t know. Not a topic to speculate on, not for me.

Back to the cover photo, I had another one created for the cover as well. I would rather post that too, because, why not?

hareem shahs husbands name
hareem shah’s husband’s name

Do you know the guy? Yeah, it is Bilawal. Many would wish to see him getting married (to a girl) and that’s why I allowed my team to use his picture. Now, I have received some interesting news from various sources. A lot of people are saying that it is Khursheed Shah who got married to the lady in the spotlight. When I was searching for Hareem Shah’s Husband’s name on the internet, I found some interesting speculations about Khursheed Shah as well.

Let’s give it a visual blow.

hareem shah khursheed shah

Why not, both have the same last name already.

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