Hareem Shah Married to PPP Leader – See Details

hareem shah married to PPP leader

Hareem Shah Married to PPP Leader and the social media is all set to talk about it. Pakistani TikToker and previously a notorious celebrety Hareem Shah has tied the knot to a Pakistan People’s Party leader. The news came after she posted several pictures on her Instagram profile and some videos on Tiktok in a wedding dress.

The internet sensation confirmed the news of her marriage to Geo. One thing that has not yet been disclosed is her husband’s name. Why not? is still a mystery. Nikah in Pakistan is a prestigious institution and most people started debating about this half ousted news as soon as it got on to social media. Rightly so, not disclosing details is on one end a prerogative of the bride and the groom, but on the other end, a celebrity should rather be explicit about such details.

For now, all we know is that Hareem Shah Married to PPP leader, an undisclosed groom.

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We know Hareem Shah because of her unwarranted and asocial stunts, for example, involving in a verbal war with celebrities, visiting places that are not open for the general public, engaging in acts that are considered immoral and unethical in our society. The reason I am mentioning this is that most news portals are portraying her as a celebrity, I too have used this word as there is no doubt in that, however, it is also important to keep reminding our youth about the reason for one’s fame.

Hareem Shah said that she would soon unveil details about the wedding and her partner’s name to her fans (Don’t know what else to say). The news comes only days after she sparked rumors of an engagement with a photo of her hands showing off a diamond ring, with the caption reading, “Alhamdulilah.” A known way of announcing engagement or Nikah in Pakistan. This post was taken down not long after she uploaded it.  We all know why or don’t we?

Anyways, here are some snaps of Hareem Shah’s marriage ceremony

hamreem shah marriage pictures

hareem shah wedding snaps

A video from Hareem Shah’s Instagram profile: Watch on Instagram


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