Top Ten Software Houses in Lahore – Genuine List

Top Ten Software Houses in Lahore

Pakistan has the fastest growing software solution industry and far bigger than that of 8 to 10 years ago. There are thousands of software houses in different cities of Pakistan aiming to make this world a digital place. Among all other cities, Lahore has the best tech expert growing software houses and thousands of people are encouraged to come to this city to create their own software house or start working in any of the best software houses in Lahore as this place is already a home for productive and creative software houses.

These fastest developing software houses are growing in terms of programming, web development, designing, freelancing, and give you solutions that help you to run your business or organization in much effective, smoother, and faster ways and provide you much more quality and professional services as per modern-day requirements.

If you still don’t know much about Lahore, then here’s a list of the top ten software houses in Lahore because of the facilities and quality and professional work.

NetSol Technologies

NetSol Technologies is one of the leading top ten Software Houses In Lahore serving numerous International Clients around the world. This software house is founded in 1995 and now it is a globally renowned IT service provider and considered to be the best IT consultancy and product development software house in Lahore that provides finance, healthcare, and network management services along with data analysis, data management. Quality assurance and other automated software solutions to their customers.

Their clients are off from Pakistan, UK, Bangkok, Saudi Arabia, Los Angeles, and Beijing. In the year 2015, they launched their major project called NSPIRE and also offers products like information and security systems accompanied by financial and business consultancy.

TRG Tech – Top Ten Software Houses in Lahore

TRG Tech is on our list of top ten software houses in Lahore because this is an innovational and resourceful software house offering a diverse range of software solutions including System automation, design and development, system integration, engineering and testing, and much more.

They have a record of highly demanded outsourcing software houses in the country and generating positive returns on each and every single investment they have ever made. TRG is known for its top-quality services, high-quality standard of software quality assurance, and quality control. They use their strong expertise, techniques, and professional services to fulfill customer requirements and also help them to enhance their business.

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Techlogix is another one of the best software consultancy companies in Lahore offers IT solutions along with consultancy e-commerce IT governance, business intelligence, financial services, enterprise application integration, data warehousing, business process management, and many more other IT solutions to their customers all around the world. This was the project of three MIT graduates based in Lahore but now they expand with their branches in major cities of the country like Karachi and Islamabad.

They have their clients around the world as well as branches and support centers in Boston America, Malaysia, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Beijing.

MAESTrO software platform was introduced by Techlogix which is a great product used in the automotive industry to build fuel-efficient electrical systems for automobiles.

Many car firms are using this technology called MAESTrO including BMW, Honda, Ford, and Renault

Mindstorm Studios

Mindstorm is founded in 2006 by two brothers later this company grows and made its name and becomes famous in 2011 by creating game of officials Cricket World Cup edition 2011 and their founder made headlines as one of the best leading businessmen of the time.

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They developed mobile games when smartphones were introduced they develop and design games for almost every platform from smartphones to the gaming console. Now Mindstorm is one of the major game developers in Pakistan

Their recent release, Alliance Wars: Global Invasion has 10,000-50,000+ installs and most of its players spend up to 5000 USD per month on in-app purchases.

Mindstorm Studios have broad expertise in software development, character design, graphics, digital simulation, and interactive design. If you are passionate about game development and designing, then this is a platform to polish your skills.


While discussing Top 10 software in Lahore one should not forget to mention the leading IT Software house TechAbout. This Software company is famous for delivering high-quality IT solutions to its customers. Their aim is to accomplish excellence and outstanding tech solutions with their innovative ideas.

They have the best and dedicated tech team who work for the prominence of the company and produced admirable work on a lot of  IT projects related to industries, education, and healthcare unit.

TechAbout also offers services in several divisions of consultancy, quality assurance, coding, designing, and prototyping and running their blog name Tech-Engage. Tech-Engage shares up-to-date information related to Information technology and technical products.


Confiz is considered one of the fasted growing technology software houses in Lahore. It was founded in 2005 and has offices in Pakistan, Dubai, the USA, and Estonia. They are now in the list of the fastest expanding technology business today. Confiz works on mobile app creation, business policies, user experience design, web features, device modernization, UI development, product design, digital storyboards, and also expertise in cloud computing.

Confiz has more the 400 members working to achieve the best fit between technology and their customer’s business. They have worked with almost every big brand of Pakistan including Ufone, Telenor, PAKWheels, and famous clothing and shoe brands like Idea, Limelight, ECS, Borjan, Insignia Mantra and the list goes on.

They have a license of CMMI 3, and  ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 2000:2011 (ITSM)  ISO 27001:2013 (ISMS) certifications also won the 2017 Microsoft Partner of the year award.

Because of all these achievements, they are on the list of the top ten software houses in Lahore.

Systems Ltd

Systems Ltd is one of the top software and technological house and BPOs that facilitate its foreign clients around the world as well as facilitating government private organizations in Pakistan.

System Ltd is based in Lahore and Karachi and holds expertise in computer solutions like Software development, IT consultancy, BPO, and many other outsourcing services.

Their foreign clients are based in Europe, the Middle East, Us, and other countries of Asia. They thrive to give their best IT solutions and consultancy to their clients.

Arbisoft – Top Ten Software Houses in Lahore

Arbisoft made its spot in the top ten software houses in Lahore because of its excellent service. Arbisoft was founded in 2007 on a very small scale and its purpose was to make their team more relaxed and competitive and after years of dedication and experimenting with software development services this software house is succeeded to mark its name as the biggest reputed and profitable tech house. They are expertise in 3D modeling, game development, Mobile app development, automated data scraping, cloud enterprise applications, search analytics, and many other IT solutions.

They introduce the most innovative 3D excavator simulation tool for mobile devices named Scoop Excavator mobile application. They are working with very renowned brands and signed deals, those brands include Indeed, Kayak, TripScanner, Stanford University, and edX. They are also encouraging independent projects to make themselves an enabling platform for the people of their own country.

Ovex Technologies

Ovex Technology is famous for its quality and design and development services. This is one of the best and fast-growing BPO and BPI solutions providers in Lahore as well as in Pakistan. Ovex Technology has its branches in Islamabad and Karachi.

Services like web designing and development, graphic designing, software and application development, game development are the main services provides by Ovex Technologies.

This software is not limited to software solutions as it also provides HR, Accounts, and call center outsourcing to their international clients and fulfilling the market needs of their customers.

This is the reason they are listed among the best and leading exporters of IT products.

Zepto Systems – Top Ten Software Houses in Lahore

Zepto Systems is a UK-based IT service company offering full-scale IT outsourcing services along with cybersecurity, Bespoke solutions, Software development, project development around the world.

Zepto Systems’ headquarter is based in London, UK and they are performing from for major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Faisalabad. They have a simple goal to turn the great idea into reality and provide the easiest and effective IT solutions to its clients.


Here is a video for you to have a visual go through of all these top ten software houses in Lahore


This was the list of some of the best and top ten software houses in Lahore according to our studies but this list would not do justice to many other best software houses. All of the other software houses also influencing Pakistan positively in many ways. And because of their excellent performance and efforts over the past years being identified and make a significant change for the country and soon Pakistan will be the IT hub.


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