Top Earning Blogs in Pakistan – Top Ten Best Pakistani Bloggers And Blogs

Top Earning Blogs in Pakistan

Looking for top earning blogs in Pakistan? We have compiled a list of the top ten best Pakistani bloggers and blogs. These Pakistani bloggers are a real inspiration for the youth, particularly the ones who are looking to start successful blogging in Pakistan. I have a feeling that anyone who reads this blog will know that the Pakistanis are born entrepreneurs. These top earning blogs in Pakistan are valid proof of the same. Let’s get to the point.

Blogging is an art and that makes a blogger an artist. An artist always expresses his ideas through a MasterPiece – Umer Atiq

Blogging has become a lucrative thing to do. These Pakistani bloggers and blogs are proof that one can make a good living via successful blogging.

Everyone can make their own website through the latest CMS – (Content Management System), such as WordPress and make money from it. You just have to be creative while writing your content.

I have figured that these top earning blogs in Pakistan have traveled a long way to reach where they are today. If you are willing to travel that far, you will have to go through some of the struggles as well.

Let’s go to the list of top earning blogs in Pakistan

1- Syed Balkhi –

We know about the site, right? Syed Balkhi has been an inspiration for thousands of Pakistani bloggers. By the age of 30, Syed Balkhi was listed as one of the top 100 Entrepreneurs by the United Nations. His contributions have been recognized by some of the highest-ranked news and media agencies including Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.

Syed Balkhi - owner of

2- Aamir Atta –

I bet most of the readers know about as it appears on so many searches. This is one of my favorite picks as the guy has really done something. It is not easy to work on a variety of topics and still get ranked. Hats off buddy.

FYI, alexa ranks at 81st position in Pakistan and among the worlds’s top 10,000 websites.

amir ata of propakistani


3- Fatima Wahab –

Oh boy! Hasn’t she moved up the ladder? It is always pretty impressive for a female in Pakistan to grow to such a high rank. She has been blogging for the past 11 years and it was pretty difficult placing her on the third rank. God, I wanted her on top in the list of top Pakistani bloggers and blogs. One of the top earning blogs in Pakistan. Just look at the numbers.

Fatima Wahab addictivetips

4- Ammar Ali –

The visitors might not seem to be as much as the previous blogs had, but considering the traffic quality, the blogger seems pretty good. Besides, he only writes about 2 to 3 posts a month.

top pakistani blogs in 2020



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5- Syed Faizan Ali –

Talk about SEO, Digital Marketing, Blogging and Online Earning, this name pops up. The traffic rank and quality is good too.

top pakistani bloggers


6- Abdul Wali –

This is getting tricky, isn’t it? The earnings are gradually declining but you see the name “Abdul Wali” is huge. Most of us know him from live seminars and YouTube courses. He remained featured author of the SEO course on Udemy for years. For someone who has earned way too much from such platforms, a blog is not much to count on.

Still, he has this blog and occasionally writes stuff. He writes about 1 post a month. It might not be one of the top earning blogs in Pakistan but it surely is one of the useful ones.

onlineustaad abdul wali


7- Muhammad Mustafa –

This guy from Karachi writes around 10 posts a month. The topic is usually SEO or blogging. I like some of the pieces he has written. Look at the traffic, it is not as bad as it looks, with affiliate and direct ads, he could be earning double the amount shown above.

top earning sites in pakistan


8- Bilal Ahmedv-

This guy from Peshawar has been blogging since 2009. Where you would say that the blog should be way ahead than where it is today, it is still a good effort to maintain a thing for such a long time. You know it gets tuff for the Pakistan bloggers, right?

top earning blogs in pakistan

9- Muhammad Umar Idrisi –

Well, you might have guessed that the list is about to end, didn’t you? Yeah! We only have a handful of these bloggers in Pakistan. Most people tend to join Government organizations or look for a job elsewhere. Blogging has only been a thing for a few people.

top earning blogs in pakistan


10- Hisham Sarwar –

Yeah man! I know he is not a full-time blogger anymore. He started this blog single-handedly though, right? I mean we need to give him some credit. He has a team that keeps the blog updated now. It still is one of the top earning blogs in Pakistan.

hisham sarwar

Here is an interesting video for you. This shows the list of top ten blogs and bloggers in Pakistan


Honestly, most youngsters are now going towards vlogging. It seems like a good idea too, you get one viral video and boom, you are a hit.

Blogging on the other end is a long shot. You need to keep giving your hundred percent for a long time before you can start generating passive income.

My advice, do not be discouraged, if you want to write, just write great content. Follow some of the world’s leaders in blogging and you will know that there is still plenty of room for great bloggers in Pakistan.


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