Punjab government built 1000-bed hospital in a record time of only 9 days.

Punjab government built 1000-bed hospital

The number of coronavirus cases is rising rapidly around the world and Pakistan is also on the list of those countries who are under coronavirus threat. In these crucial times Punjab government built a 1000-bed hospital in a record time of only 9 days.

So far, more than 2400 cases have been confirmed in the country and Punjab topped with 920.

34 Patients have died as a result of the deadly coronavirus while the number of those recovering from the defeat has risen to 107.

Of course, Pakistan does not have as many resources as China or other European countries, but despite the scarce resources, much is being done to prevent the virus.

Punjab government has been criticized by the opposition for reacting late against novel coronavirus but Punjab government is now taking quick actions to regulate and control the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Currently, the Punjab government sets up one thousand-bedded field hospital at Lahore Expo International Center.

The hospital was not built on an empty plot like Wuhan yet the establishment of a thousand-bed hospital in 9 days is astonishing.

Initially, the Punjab government sets up just 300 beds within two days due to the rapid spread of novel coronavirus.

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Lahore Division Commissioner Saif Anjum was instructed by CM Punjab Usman Buzdar to build a 1000 bed field hospital at the Expo Center Lahore.

In the record time of only nine days, a temporary hospital of one thousand beds has been built at Lahore Expo Center to provide all facilities including ICU.

CM Punjab Usman Buzdar visited 1000-bed hospital

According to the Punjab government, the hospital would cater to the extra patients of positive COVID-19 just in case the area in hospitals would not be ready to accommodate them.

It contains separate medical equipment for each patient.

Added to this the expo center is far away from the urban population and the coronavirus patients will be brought here so they could not harm anyone else.

The hospital is divided into 3 parts for patients, the first and second part will be occupied by the least affected patients by the virus.

While the third part will be occupied by the most affected patients and the 50-bed unit has been fully functional with ventilators.

The hospital has all the facilities while the patients will also be provided 3 meals a day.

The purpose of the hospital is to isolate patients and ensure their treatment in a safe environment.

It’s a big achievement that Punjab government built 1000-bed hospital in a record time of only 9 days.

Also, the government had taken all precautionary measures and urged citizens to follow preventative measures.

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Half of the world’s population is under the threat of deadly coronavirus and this virus is going to spread further.

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