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how to start a business in one lakh rupees
how to start a business in one lakh rupees

How to start a business in one lakh investment? That must be the question in your mind that brought you here. If you are looking for profitable business ideas under 1 lakh investment, then read this article carefully. We have compiled a list of profitable business ideas that can be started with low capital. If you don’t have a heavy budget to start your own business, then don’t worry about it. We will provide you with a list of business ideas that can be started in one lakh rupees and can give you a high return. There are two major issues that are faced by individuals who want to start their own business, one is the lack of a business idea that can be profitable and the other is the lack of investment.

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Entrepreneurship is the ultimate future. More and more people are choosing business over jobs. This trend has also created a saturation in the common business industries in Pakistan. This might as well be the reason for the failure of many fresh startups in Pakistan and abroad. However, business would still be the best choice for me.

Let’s discuss some unique and constructive business ideas in Pakistan that require an investment of 1 or 2 lakh with a good profit margin.

  • Moving and packaging services

When an office or family shifts from one place to another, it is highly likely that they would need a professional helo. This is where a moving and packing company comes in. All of us at one point or the other look for packaging services while relocating or shifting to a new house.

If you are going to start this business in one lakh rupees, you will have to pay someone for the ride. Once you get a pick of this business, you can buy your own first vehicle. You can invest some amount and start this service on your own or hire a third party to provide you with these services.  Bring in the clients and keep your commission, try learning quickly to start a company of your own in the future.

You might as well go around this idea and start small. For example, instead of packing and moving on a larger scale, you can contact similar agencies and provide them with the packing materials. You can also provide offices and homes with such material. This way, you can start saving some amount and can own your own transport vehicle very soon.

  • Event management services

Event management is also a profitable business to start, however, this requires a huge investment. Don’t worry yet, we are going to tell you how to start an event management company in 1 lakh rupees. The first thing you need for this business is a team that can actually conduct an event.

The second most important thing is the event itself. You will need someone to hire you. The question is, how will it happen? Well, you will need some amount to invest in the marketing sector and get the word out. Create some promo videos and show your potential clients what you are capable of. You first need to publish your business cards and distribute it to your social circle and ask them to spread your word. If someone is interested in your services, they will hire and pay you.

  • Career Counselling firm

In today’s world based on varied choices and subjects, it has become the need of every student to find the right option for them so that they can be successful in their career. You can take advantage of this issue and can start your own career counseling firm. In countries like Pakistan, there is a huge gap for this business. Most of our institutes pay no heed to career counseling. This way, a bunch of untrained and unguided graduates keeps flooding the industry. Teach them what to do, tell them how to do and you will be rewarded.

For a startup, you need little investment in manpower and infrastructure. But you will get high returns based on this one-time investment. You can also connect your firm with big companies and get a return for every employee which they hire.

  • Real Estate Consultancy

With the significant increase in purchasing power, people are searching for good investment opportunities due to which they search for real estate consultants. For starting this business, you must have an idea of properties and you can start as a consultant. You can start your own real estate consultancy firm as it does not require high investment and its returns are also high.

This is one of the best businesses to start in one lakh rupee. Get a small office and get some guys with you on a commission basis. Start with the rent portfolio first and gradually jump into the sale/purchase department.

  • Wedding Planning

This type of business can be started within a budget of one lac, and it has high profits once started. Nowadays people hire wedding planners to arrange their wedding due to lack of time and skill they prefer to hire wedding planners.

If your question is how to start this business in one lakh rupees as wedding planning is a huge gig. You might be right. However, you do not know the tricks I am about to disclose.

In wedding planning, you can charge your clients upfront, maybe 50% or more. Once you have that amount, you can spend that on planning the wedding and then get the rest of the amount later.

You can start low and slow by asking your own friends and family to give you a chance. This is the best way to start making money and start making a healthy portfolio for future openings.

To start a wedding planning business you require a website, Facebook business page, marketing budget, Connections with wedding halls/Marques, Decoration and catering business to provide these services, a small office, and a portfolio of your past work to show your clients.

  • E-Commerce Store

We saw how made millions by introducing the online shopping portal to Pakistan. We saw how thousands of other stores jumped in and joined the party. However, analyzing the eCommerce business in developed countries will tell us that there is still a huge gap for eCommerce business in Pakistan. So, how do you start a successful online store in Pakistan? There are two ways.

  1. Ask an Ecommerce Partner
    This means that you can contact a Software House and tell them that you would like to start an online store in Pakistan. They will tell you the charges of developing an online store for you and then you will start selling. This way you will get complete guidance on starting and running this business.
  2. Start selling on the available marketplaces
    There is a bunch of marketplaces in Pakistan where you can start selling your products. For example, you can simply register an account on and start selling your products in days.

So, what would be the best choice? In my opinion, it is best that you go with your own online store. It would take more effort and more investment out of your pocket, but it would definitely be much more productive and beneficial in the long run. Selling on other marketplaces could just be a push start experience for you.

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  • Courier Services

Transportation of services from one place to another has been ongoing since ancient times. For starting this business, you need to hire assistants or a courier person who can manage orders effectively. You also need to be sure courier products reach a destination within time and without any damage to the product.

Starting a full-fledge courier service is not possible in one lakh rupees. I am talking about working for the local restaurants in the first phase and then growing as time progresses.

  • Trip / Travel / Tour Planner

Pakistan is beautiful. People within the country and from abroad tend to visit the northern areas of Pakistan. If you are from one such region or know someone who has the idea. Start working on different tour packages and start a tour and travel agency. This might sound easy, but once you dive deep into it, you will realize that it takes a lot of effort and planning to take a group of people to a place and bring them back safely. There are companies in Pakistan that charge as much as 6 lacs per person for some of the famous tours in Pakistan such as the K2 Base Camp Trek.

By now you would have a fair bit of idea on how to start a business in one lac rupees. If you still have any questions or would like to get a detailed business plan for you, we can help you with that. You can write to us in the comments below, and we will share our contact details with you.

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