US has revised its travel advisory for Pakistan – Tourism improves further in Pakistan

US revists travel advisory for pakistan

The US has revised its travel advisory for Pakistan. They have now brought it to Level 3 that suggests ‘Reconsider Travel’ which was previously on Level 4 ‘Do Not Travel’. The change has brought hope in Pakistan’s tourism industry.

India on the other end continues to be on Level 4 that means the US government advises its citizens to avoid traveling to India. This shows the state of peace in the neighboring countries.

What would be its benefits for Pakistan’s Tourism Industry?

Pakistan has an abundance when it comes to natural sights. It has everything a tourist would want to see on a vacation. Whether it is for educational purpose, for pleasure or for history researches. This new advisory would mean that more tourists from the United States would visit Pakistan in the coming few years. More tourists would mean more business for those who rely on tourism industry.

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What are the other benefits, besides for the tourism industry in Pakistan?

This would not just be good for the tourists. There are so many levels this would go into. For example, see the list below.

  • Pakistan offers one of the highest interest rates throughout the world. If Americans start traveling to Pakistan, they would know the opportunity to invest in Pakistani banks. Which means an influx of Dollars into Pakistani banks. We all know what this means for our economy.
  • Pakistan born Americans would feel safer traveling to Pakistan. This can also enhance Direct Foreign Investment.
  • America is recognized as the super power. I don’t have to rephrase that, right? If US revises its travel advisory for Pakistan, it will perk up the countries image throughout the world. We may start seeing more positive gestures throughout the world.

The US revised its travel advisory for Pakistan after PM’s successful visits to the United States and a continuous effort by the foreign office. We have seen how the current government has improved its ties with the world powers. This is one of the major improvements that means a lot to the people of Pakistan. Let’s keep working for a better Pakistan.

Umer Atiq
IT Consultant and business analyst. Keeps an interest in the affair that impact business or society.