Tablighi Jamaat Ignores Government Ban on Gatherings

Tablighi jamat ignores government ban on gatherings

Tablighi Jamaat ignores government ban on public gatherings in Pakistan. Congregational prayers are banned in Saudi Arabia and all the residents, as well as citizens, are also not allowed to perform the Muslim pilgrimage in Mecca following the tracks of Iran after the fears over the new coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Saudi Arabia expanded a ban on foreigners not to visit Mecca and Medina, which are the holiest sites in Islam.

Congregational Friday prayers are even halted by the authorities in Saudi Arabia as well as in Iran. Meanwhile, a quarter of a million Muslims gathers in Raiwind near Lahore in Pakistan.

The Tablighi congregation in Raiwind near Lahore comprised of tens of thousands of Islamic preachers from more than 80 countries and are a source of potential infection cluster of coronavirus COVID-19.

Due to the worsening of the coronavirus COVID-19 situation, the government of Pakistan has banned all types of gatherings but Tablighi Jamaat ignores government ban. The authorities are trying their level best to contain the pandemic that has emerged and is still outgrowing exceedingly.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 eruption is a global health scare. The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic that initially emerged in the city Wuhan, China has spread over to 198 countries.

Coronavirus Covid-19 has effected a total of 467,594 people. These cases are reported globally and almost 21,181 people have laid down lives fighting coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic as of March 25th.

Amidst a spike in the coronavirus COVID-19 cases, the government of Pakistan has not lost its plot and is continuously finding ways to contain the deadly coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

All necessary precautionary measures are being taken in order to avert the calamity imposed by coronavirus COVID-19. Prohibiting any kind of public gatherings is also a preventive measure being enforced by the authorities but Tablighi Jamaat ignores government ban of not organizing any gatherings or events.

Amid the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, in this time of need when the grips of this deadly novel coronavirus COVID-19 is getting stronger and stronger, the government has imposed section 144 to inhibit public gatherings in the wake of uncontrolled spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

Tablighi Jamaat members are defying the instructions of the government by holding large gatherings. Thus, Tablighi Jamaat ignores government ban. Even the students of Tablighi Jamaat in Bannu composed and sung a Pashtu duet which makes jokes and terms coronavirus COVID-19 a fraud.

At least 10,000 people are residing at the Tablighi Markaz in Raiwind. Masjid Ibrahim, a Tablighi Markaz located in Lahore is also ramping up preparations to hold an enormous gathering for Shab-e- Juma. Thus Tablighi Jamaat ignores government ban.

Almost a dozen parties are sent to 150-200 mosques across the Lahore city while 1000 jamaats i.e. parties go across Pakistan for preaching purposes from the Tablighi Markaz in Raiwind.

The Tablighi jamaat groups go to different cities and mosques on missions to preach Islamic values and sleep in mosques while their visits and make door to door visits. The Tablighi Jamaat has millions of followers and proselytizes.

Five Preachers from Kyrgyzstan who stayed in a mosque in Islamabad after attending the gathering in Raiwind tested positive for the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Four people in the Sindh province who attended the Raiwind gathering of Tablighi Jamaat tested positive after they came back with the deadly coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic.

Tablighi Jamaat leaders have openly dismissed all the calls made by the Punjab provincial government to not host any kind of gatherings and cancel the event that was to last between 11-15 march. But the event was not canceled and the response was that to cancel such events were motivated by anti-religious bias. Thus, Tablighi Jamaat ignores government ban.

The deputy commissioner of Islamabad Muhammad Hamza Shafqat on twitter wrote that criminal carelessness has been done by the Kyrgyz group because they knew that one of them had symptoms of the deadly novel coronavirus COVID-19 but still they did not report or checked it and instead kept on roaming around.

In Murdan city on Friday an enormous gathering of “Shab-i-Juma” at the Tablighi center was held from Friday night to Sunday.

No preventive measures were taken by the Tablighi Jamaat. When the Jamaat members were inquired especially after the first death in Mardan city due to coronavirus COVID-19. The simple answer was that no harm could come to any one of them as they have complete faith in the Almighty Allah. Thus, Tablighi Jamaat ignores the government ban.

A video of a man named Hazrat Umar has gone viral from Landikotal in Khyber district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In this video, it can be seen that Hazrat Umar is surrounded and cheered by a crowd while providing funny answers to reporters’ questions about the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

According to Hazrat Umar, there is no need to avoid crowds or embracing people as the threat really doesn’t exist. We being Muslims are not affected by these kinds of viruses.

Hazrat Umar also objected to the closing of mosques and says that instead, we should pray to Allah Almighty to overcome the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus COVID-19 is spreading rapidly. The number of people affected by this virus is multiplying immensely day by day. Thus creating a challenge for the government and authorities but still, Tablighi Jamaat ignores government ban.

The unprecedented situation that has aroused due to coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has made researchers scientists scramble their minds and leave no stone unturned but still, no remedy has been found yet.

The only answer to this pandemic is to avoid public gatherings of any sort and follow all the instructions of government and authorities who are here to help and protect our nation. The new kind of crime these days is not to follow the instructions to contain the novel coronavirus COVID-19.


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