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pulwama terror attack
pulwama terror attack - indian reaction to PM Imran's speech

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s insinuation stated that India’s response to the Pulwama terror attack would be determined by the coming Lok Sabha elections. Pakistan’s Prime Minister also demanded “credible and visible action” against the perpetrators of the attack. India on Tuesday rejected the same as “false allegation” by Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan.

The external affairs ministry of India, in a statement, termed as “lame excuse” Khan’s demand for “actionable intelligence” concerning the Pulwama terror attack. The spokesperson said Pakistan should take “credible and visible action” against the perpetrators of the terrorist attack. Indians claim that Jaish-e-Muhammad, the organization that is responsible for the Pulwama terror attack, is based in Pakistan and is working without any restrictions.

Responding to Imran Khan’s remarks on Tuesday that Pakistan will certainly retaliate if India declares a war after the suicide bombing in Kashmir and his seeking “actionable intelligence” to take action against the perpetrators, spokesperson Ravish Kumar said that disclaiming any link between “terrorist attack and Pakistan is an oft-repeated excuse by Pakistan”.

The Indian government also said it is regrettable that the Pakistan Prime Minister has insinuated that India’s response to the terrorist attack is determined by the forthcoming general elections in the country.

The statement said “India rejects this false allegation. India’s democracy is a model for the world, which Pakistan would never understand. Pakistan should stop misleading the international community and take credible and visible action against the perpetrators of Pulwama terrorist attack and other terrorists and terror groups operating from areas under their control,”

They also added “We are not surprised that the Prime Minister of Pakistan refuses to acknowledge the attack on our security forces in Pulwama as an act of terrorism. Prime Minister of Pakistan has neither chosen to condemn this heinous act nor condoled with the bereaved families,”

The statement said the Pakistan Prime Minister ignores the claims made by the Jaish-e-Mohammad, as well as by the terrorist, who perpetrated this heinous crime.

“If you (the Indian government) think you will attack us and we will not think of retaliating, we will retaliate. We will have no other option other than retaliating (which is quite sensible to say). We all know starting a war is easy … Where it will lead us, only God knows,” the Pakistan PM earlier said in a nationwide broadcast.

“What would Pakistan benefit from it? Why would Pakistan do such a thing when it has been moving towards peace. It is in our interest that nobody from our soil spreads violence. I want to tell the Indian government that we will take action if evidence is found against anyone from Pakistan,” he said.


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