What police does to thoes who break quarantine : All you need to know

Police of different countries in the subcontinent have used strategies of public humiliation like corporal punishment to force people off the roads during the lockdown.

During the curfews and pandemic lockdown, a stark resemblance has come to fore between the two neighbors Pakistan and India.

Police forces of both countries are using different strategies like public humiliation to force people indoors.


The government announced lockdown in the whole country to stop the spread of deadly coronavirus and dispersing gatherings of more than two people.

In some of the cities of Pakistan like Karachi and Rawalpindi people who are breaking quarantine laws are force to emulate a Murgha, crawl or squats alongside roads.

Police are using proper power and spare no one either young or old everyone who is breaking the law will be punished at the spot.

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On the other hand, Police is supporting and cooperating with people who are allowed to come out like paramedic staff and people working in health or those who have special permission of the government

You must have seen some videos recently of young and old men being forced to do painful frog-hops or squats at roads.



Indian prime minister  Modi announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus and police across India are using power against violators.

Health researchers have notified that more than a million people could be infected with deadly coronavirus by the end of May.

Police have been using force against those who are breaking lockdown rules.

People are afraid as police are beating them with sticks and punishing them by using different tricks and strategies.

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Those strategies and tricks include physical punishment and public humiliation so they can not break lockdown rules.

Several videos and images have surfaced on social media showing police beating citizens to force them to stay home.


One of the migrant worker named Raju said.

“The police will beat me. I’m afraid they’ll beat me, they aren’t even allowing us to sit anywhere.”

and also police sings and dances on the street to entertain people and urge them to stay home.

A lot of memes and funny videos have gone viral on social media regarding police.




Prime Minister of Bangladesh also imposed lockdown till 25 April to stop the spread of deadly coronavirus.

The Army took the hold to enforce a nationwide lockdown and their streets have become empty.

Police and Army urge citizen to stay home and help them to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is among those countries where coronavirus cases and its death rate is less than in other countries.

Earlier the curfew was imposed on several areas of Western Province and now it’s a nationwide curfew in Sri Lanka.

The curfew inflicts to promote social distancing and to stop the spread of coronavirus.

In Bangladesh and Sri Lanka no such case of physical punishment from police happens like Pakistan and India.




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